Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Yesterday, I joined a bowling league. Yep, bowling is my thing now.

There are way more rules than I expected.  The rules which confuse me the most are the ones about calculating team scores and standings.  Apparently, they don't follow the standard "the team that gets the most points wins the game", because there are rules about pacers and blind scores and handicaps and other things that affect scores.

Rule #12 says that a handicap is 90% of the difference between your average and 220.  Does that mean 220 is the average score people should be getting?  I can't get even half that.  I guess the handicap will come in handy, if they add it to my score when I play the tough players.

I was on Team 13 of 13.  We were the only ones to not have an opponent, so we finished way before everbody else.  I came in last place for two of the three games; I came in second-to-last in one game, but the person I beat has vision problems, so I don't feel particularly proud of my minor victory.


Anonymous said...

yaya. i love bowling. its the only sport that i can play because i am blind in one eye. enjoy it. i was on three leagues for four years. its a lot of fun. take avantage of not having an opponent because it can take a really long time especially bowling with 13 people. enjoy. and you should film yourself bowling. i know you dont want people knowing where you are and who you are with but hopefully you can figure something out(:

Anonymous said...

I like bowling...if no one else is around because otherwise they tease me for what a horrible bowler I am! Really, my average score is about 35, it's bad, I know lol
I prefer wii bowling where you always win :D

Anonymous said...

Why don't you ask others for help and clarification? This will do wonders in your skill!

Anonymous said...

I've been in a league for 6 years, going on my 7th. You get a hang of it after a while. It helps to keep in mind that all the handicap stuff is actually there to help us under 220 bowlers.

And, no, that's not suppose to be the average score for everyone, it's really more designed so that no one over 200 has a handicap. So that means none of the good bowlers have a handicap, and that the rest of us actually have a shot at beating them with handicap!

Hope you have fun!