Sunday, August 26, 2012

WWA, Chapter 64

Here's Chapter 64, of my story Weirdness at Waverly Academy. Today, Nancy speaks with Becca Sawyer. As you might expect, Becca is better than Nancy when it comes to making sassy Becca Sawyer comments.


"Yes, that's right," Becca said. "I'm Becca Sawyer. The real Becca Sawyer."

Nancy's jaw dropped. "Impossible!" she said. "Becca Sawyer isn't a real person! That's just a fake name I've been using!"

"Fake? More like, give me a break," Becca said. "You didn't even bother to check if I existed before you stole my identity, did you?"

"No, because you're not real!" Nancy said. "Rebecca Sawyer is just a dumb name I made up, by putting together two names from Tom Sawyer!"

"Tom Sawyer? More like, call a lawyer," Becca said. "Because I'm suing you for identity theft, Nancy Drew!"

"I don't believe it," Nancy said, slumping back against the wall.

"As soon as I heard some bumbling American detective was pretending to be me, I came here from France as fast as I could," Becca said. "Do you know what sort of damage you've done to my reputation? Everything thinks I'm a bumbling weirdo!"

"Huh? No way!" Nancy said. "Everyone likes me as Becca Sawyer! I've been working really hard on fitting in!"

"Tu dis des absurdités," Becca said. "I know you're unpopular here. I saw all the tweets and text messages. Texts? More like, wrecks! Because you've wrecked your only chance at fitting in here at Waverly."

"That's not true!" Nancy said. "I might not be the most popular girl, but I've made a lot of friends! Mel and Rachel and Paige and Leela and—"

"Stuffed animals don't count," Becca said.

"Did you come all the way from France to be mean to me?" Nancy asked. "Look, I'm sorry for borrowing your name without permission, but you don't have to be rude about it!"

"Here's what you're going to do," Becca said. "You are going to tell everyone—right now—that you are not Becca Sawyer. Then you're going to publicly apologize for making me look ridiculous."

"I can't do that!" Nancy said. "I'm an undercover detective! I can't tell people my real identity! It'll hurt my case if I do!"

"And it'll hurt my reputation if you don't!" Becca said.

"Look, I'm about five minutes away from solving the mystery, finding the lost treasure and stopping the Black Cat," Nancy said. "Can't this wait until after that?"

Becca Sawyer hesitated for a second. "Finding the lost treasure?" she asked. "What lost treasure?"

"Rita Hallowell's treasure," Nancy said. "I think it has something to do with Edgar Poe."

"I don't know who those people are," Becca Sawyer said. "But...if word got out that Becca Sawyer solved a mystery and found a treasure..."

"Yes?" Nancy asked.

Becca thought it over. "Okay, Nancé," she said. "I'll give you one more day. Solve this mystery by then, and let Becca Sawyer get all the credit. If you don't, confess everything."

"It's a deal!" Nancy said, giving Becca a hug. "Yay! New friends!"

"Augh! I am not your—ah, whatever," Becca Sawyer said. "Good luck with the mystery, American Becca."


Anonymous said...

This was the most epic plot twist ever!!!

Anonymous said...

OMG that was an amazing twist with becca sawyer u r an amazing writer and keep going

Anonymous said...

Oh it wasn't a mirror...nice twist! I like it~! :3

S Rose said...
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S Rose said...

WOW! The real Becca kicks ass! I'd love her and Nancy to get into a "sassy comeback" contest and Nancy fumbling. lol