Wednesday, August 22, 2012

WWA, Chapter 62

Here's Chapter 62, of my story Weirdness at Waverly Academy. Today, Nancy works at the Snack Shack, reads Corine's essay on Rita Hallowell, and she learns the Blackwood Society's chant.


Nancy was going to leave the room, when she saw something on the ground. Picking it up, she saw that it was another Black Cat note.

"A second Black Cat note!" Nancy said. "Something bad happens to anyone who gets two of them, right?"

"Right," Corine said. "You'd better be careful from now on."

"It could be for you," Nancy pointed out. "It's not like there's a name on it."

She showed Corine the note, which read You were WARNED. Now you'll PAY.

" that case, we should both be careful," Corine said. "Come back with my food, okay?"

"Sure," Nancy said. She left the room, then went downstairs to the Snack Shack. Getting snacks for the various students wasn't too interesting, but at least Nancy got to overhear some interesting gossip.

"Did you know Izzy once got her huge earrings stuck on a doorknob? How embarrassing!"

"I heard that Mel hopes to work at Disneyland for a living!"

"Corine stole the school blueprints for some unknown reason."

"Leela hasn't left the Rec Room in over a week! I'm really starting to get worried about her."

"Did you see Rachel and Izzy's rap battle last week? Rachel's rhyming skills are the BEST!"

"You know that new girl? Becca Something? The one from France? I heard that she talks to herself."

"That's it!" Nancy shouted. "Snack Shop is closed!"

The various people in line complained, but Nancy closed up shop and went back to her room. She traded a sack of food for a flash drive containing Corine's essay.

Nancy went to the library next. She got on the school computer and uploaded Corine's essay for Rachel's project. The essay was about Edgar Allen Poe's mysterious death. It seemed that Mr. Poe died while surrounded by malevolent forces: a corrupt doctor, an executor who was Poe's rival, and perhaps worst of all, Nurse Rita Hallowell. Knowing Ms. Hallowell, she probably forced her patients to undergo a series of puzzles before they could check into the hospital.

Izzy was in the library, as usual, so Nancy decided to talk to her. "Hey, Izzy," she said.

"Hello, Becca," Izzy said, turning from her laptop to talk to Nancy. "What's up?"

"I've got a...request," Nancy said. "I need to know what the Blackwood Society's chant is. You're the leader, right?"

"All right, who blabbed?" Izzy asked.

"Uh...I'm not at liberty to say," Nancy said. "But since you are the leader, you can tell me the chant."

"Why should I do it?" Izzy asked, looking suspicious.

"Because we're friends, and you're a really nice person?" Nancy guessed.

"I'm the Student Body President," Izzy said. "I rule this school, Becca. No one's going to force me into doing something, especially not an uppity transfer student like you."

Nancy decided it was time to put Izzy in her place, by using another one of Becca Sawyer's sassy comebacks.

"Transfer student? More like...uh...transform student," Nancy said. "Because I will transform Waverly Academy! If you don't tell me the chant, that is."

"Ugh, whatever," Izzy said. "It's not like it even makes sense, anyway. 'Three is fine, but five is more. Even nineteen defeats four. Should just seven become lore, at least two will find the door.'"

"Thank you," Nancy said.


S Rose said...

YES! Becca uses a sassy comment to get what she wants!

Anonymous said...

Wow every time I read your chapters for WWA they always crack me up in a good way also I am a mega fan of your videos also your blog keep it up man :) :) :)

Anonymous said...

Chapter 62????????? Don't you think your story is a little too long?

Anonymous said...

Hey don't say that about michel's story I have read books that have 70 chapters in it even though there stories for each chapter are short.
Also michal keep going with ur blogging.