Saturday, August 18, 2012

WWA, Chapter 60

Here's Chapter 60, of my story Weirdness at Waverly Academy. Today, Nancy finishes Rachel's photo challenge.


Our heroine, Nancy Drew, was rather upset. Rita Hallowell's fabulous treasure was nothing more than an old photograph.

"This doesn't make sense!" Nancy said, flipping through Rita Hallowell's journal to make sure there were no mistakes. "I thought the treasure was something fabulous, like an unpublished book by Edgar Allen Poe! And besides, this doesn't explain what Rita wrote about the Dupin grate and the black wood's chant!

"Wait a wood's chant..." Nancy thought. "Does that refer to the Blackwood Society? Hmmm..."

Nancy wasn't sure, but maybe, just maybe, there were a few more puzzles left to find before she got the real treasure.

"Yeah, that makes sense," Nancy told herself. "Rita left a fake treasure, just to trick people! The real treasure is still out there, and I'm going to find it, or my name's not Becca Sawyer!"

Nancy paused for a second. "Well, my name's not Becca Sawyer. That's just a fake name I'm using so no one knows who I am, and—oh, who cares? I'm going to catch the Black Cat and find the real treasure! That's what matters!"

Finding the photograph of Rita wasn't a total loss. That was one of the pictures Rachel needed for her web design project. Figuring it was best to wrap up that little assignment, Nancy took a picture of the photograph. Then Nancy went to the library and uploaded all the photos to Rachel's website.

Immediately afterwards, Nancy went upstairs to Rachel's room, to confirm that the web project was finally done.

"Becca, hey, you got all the pictures uploaded!" Rachel said. "You even found the picture of Hallowell and her cat, great job! There's only one thing we need before we're done."

"You want some fashion tips, right?" Nancy asked. "Good, 'cause I've been wondering why you're wearing a turtleneck and a suitcoat jacket at the same time. Those two types of clothing do not go together."

"No!" Rachel said. "Corine wrote an essay that won some kind of fancy award. The English Department wants it on the school website, so I need a copy of it."

"Oh," Nancy said. "I guess I can do that, too."

"Any idea who the real Black Cat is yet?" Rachel asked.

"Well, I haven't seen any students with pets here, but have you considered the possibility that it's actually a real cat?" Nancy asked.

"No," Rachel said. "She keeps sending me emails, remember? Every time, it's from a different address, so I can't track it."

"Shoot," Nancy said.

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Kimix3 said...

Uhm, why don't your chapters match up on

Like on chapter 60 of WWA on this blog, it's about Nancy finishing Rachel's photo challenge. But on chapter 60 of WWA on fanfiction, it's about "Izzy's Information."

Why is it different?
Apart from that, I thought your stories were awesome to read.