Tuesday, August 14, 2012

WWA, Chapter 58

Here's Chapter 58, of my story Weirdness at Waverly Academy. Today, Nancy breaks into Izzy's room.


Nancy wanted to spend more time talking to Rachel Hubbard and her twin sister Kim, but the two girls convinced her to leave the hidden attic area.

"You should go," Rachel ordered. "No one cares if one of us is missing, but if the new girl suddenly disappears...?"

"I understand," Nancy said. "It's late, anyway. See you tomorrow."

The twins waved goodbye as Nancy left their room. Nancy went straight to her own room and fell asleep almost immediately. She didn't wake up until very late the next morning, when her phone beeped.

I have got to stop wandering around at night, Nancy thought. It's wreaking havoc on my sleep cycle. Now who's messaging me?

Nancy opened up the list of messages she had received. The most recent one had come from Mel.

Hey, Nancy,

I heard that the missing Edgar Allen Poe book is inside Izzy's room. Why don't you use your detective skills to check her room, then bust her? I'm sure the headmistress would love to learn about the student body president stealing library books.


Nancy yawned, then got out of bed. She changed into her spare set of clothes, then tried brushing her hair for a bit. Then she made a beeline for Izzy and Leela's room. The door was locked, but at this point, Nancy had broken into so many rooms that it didn't even phase her anymore. She quickly pulled out the ID card and used it to get into the room.

Well, at least I know how the Black Cat manages to sneak around so much, Nancy thought. As long as you have a student ID, you can get anywhere in this school.

The room was clearly separated in half, with Leela's things on the left and Izzy's things on the right. Leela's possessions included sports trophies and sports equipment. Izzy's side had her campaign poster and a lot of purple things.

Nancy made her way to the workdesk, which had two framed photos on it. The photo on the right was of Jacob, the boy who dated both Izzy and Leela. The photo on the left side of the desk was of Izzy, looking rather smug. It wasn't a flattering picture.

Wait...why is the photo of Izzy on Leela's side of the room? Nancy wondered. And if Izzy has a work desk in her room, why does she use the one in the library?

Nancy picked up the photo, planning to remove it from the frame and draw a mustache on Izzy's face. There was a key taped to the back of the frame. Nancy took the key and used it to open the trunk by the base of Izzy's bed. Inside the trunk was a familiar-looking blue cloak.

"Izzy's the leader of the Blackwood Society!" Nancy gasped. "Either that, or she's a walking fashion disaster."

Nancy also explored the area in front of Leela's bed. Buried under some sports equipment was the copy of The Black Cat and Other Poe Stories that had gone missing from the school library.



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