Friday, August 10, 2012

WWA, Chapter 56

Here's Chapter 56, of my story Weirdness at Waverly Academy. Today, Nancy discovers Rachel's secret.


Nancy was about to go back to her room, when she noticed someone in the hall. Peering through the glass windows on the door, Nancy could clearly see Rachel Hubbard, sneaking around. Rachel carried a tray of food, and she was looking around a corner to make sure no one was there to see her.

*BEEP BEEP!* chimed Nancy's cell phone. Nancy took out her phone, and she saw that the sound had come from one of the fancy, specialized programs that Nancy's friend George had created. This particular program was called "The Rachel Hubbard Activity Tracker".

"I knew downloading this app would come in handy!" Nancy said. She opened the application to learn that the readings for Rachel's activities had gone from "normal" to "super suspicious".

Nancy scratched her head, wondering what to do next. Her instincts told her to chase after Rachel and see where Rachel went. But then again, the last time Nancy tried to trail a suspect, it hadn't gone well. Nancy was supposed to be following an international jewel smuggler, but she accidentally ended up following the wife of Police Chief McGinnis. Needless to say, Nancy had spent the night in the holding cell at the River Heights jail.

This time, I won't screw up, Nancy thought to herself. Besides, there's nothing wrong with following another person in the middle of the night...right?

Nancy slowly followed after Rachel Hubbard. Rachel didn't go far; she went straight to her room.

Nancy quietly tried the doorknob. It was locked, but the lights in the room were on. Nancy decided not to knock on the door, in case that would wake up people in the nearby rooms. Instead, Nancy took out Amber Sullivan's ID card and used it to open the lock on the door.

Nancy stepped into the room, just in time to see the wall slide in. The room was completely empty.

What? Nancy wondered. She went straight to the wall and examined it. There were star designs, as well as a circular piece that moved. Nancy experimented a bit, and she could move the circular piece from star to star. The stars lit up, once the moveable piece landed on them.

I guess I have to try to light up all the stars, Nancy thought. She played around with the wall for a while, making liberal use of the reset button, until she found the solution.

Once all the stars were lit up, the door slid open, revealing a staircase that went up. Nancy followed the staircase, where she saw something shocking. Rachel Hubbard was sitting on a bed...and Rachel Hubbard was sitting at a desk, eating from the tray of food.

"Oh my gosh!" Nancy said. "There's two of you?"

"Oh no!" one of the Rachels said.

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Yay! this was always my fav part of the game!