Wednesday, August 8, 2012

WWA, Chapter 55

Here's Chapter 55 of my story, Weirdness at Waverly Academy. The chapter numbers are off now, because I combined chapters 2 & 3, and 4 & 5, so now the story is two chapters shorter.  In today's chapter, Nancy kills the United States of America, but then she saves it.


Once Paige was gone, Nancy snuck out of her room and went downstairs. The double doors leading to the classroom with the map of the United States was locked.

"Ugh, why'd I leave my lock-picking kit at home?" Nancy said to no one in particular. She took a closer look at the lock, which was an extremely simple one. In fact, it was so simple that...

Hope this works, Nancy thought. She pulled out Amber Sullivan's student ID and slid it through the space between the two doors. The door on the right then opened.

"Yes!" Nancy said. "If this detective thing doesn't work out, a life of crime could be in my future!"

Nancy strolled into the classroom and put the state of Oklahoma on the US map. Remembering Rachel's orders, Nancy took a picture of the map.

"That was a simple challenge," Nancy said. She turned to leave, and stopped dead. One of the pillars had a picture of a raven on it. It looked exactly like the raven in Rita Hallowell's journal. Nancy quickly opened up the journal and read it. The journal mentioned four body parts that ravens have, complete with a diagram.

Reaching a hand out to the picture on the pillar, Nancy touched it. The various wooden pieces could be pushed in—a little bit, anyway. She pushed the four body parts that were mentioned in the journal.

The wooden plate with the raven on it spun around in a circle. Nancy barely had time to wonder what was happening, when she heard a large crash behind her. Turning around, she saw that the map of the United States was completely ruined. Every single state, except for Washington, was now lying on the floor.

"Oh no! I killed America!" Nancy Drew exclaimed.

There was nothing else for Nancy to do, but trying to fix the country. Her knowledge of geography wasn't the greatest—in her defense, River Heights High doesn't have a US geography class—but she had a picture of the completed US map on her phone. It took ten minutes for her to complete the huge jigsaw puzzle.

When the last state was in place, there was a loud clicking sound. She turned to see the pillar with the raven picture on it. The pillar was once again rotating, and this time, it rotated to the point where a starburst token was in sight.

Nancy took a moment to marvel at the absolutely amazing technology on display here. Did Rita Hallowell invent some kind of wireless transceiver which sent information from the US map to the pillar? Or were there wooden gears and pulleys, running through the floor, which connected the two devices?

Nancy shrugged while she grabbed the fourth—and final—starburst token. She didn't know what the tokens were for yet, but she felt satisfaction for a job well done. She had single-handedly fixed the United States of America, something all the politicians in Washington DC were unable to do.


Anonymous said...

"She had single-handedly fixed the United States of America, something all the politicians in Washington DC were unable to do." This is the no doubt, the best line ever :)

Anonymous said...

LOL! your jokes always make my day.

Anonymous said...

You're ending line was priceless. :)

Christi said...

The last line was the best. XD