Saturday, August 4, 2012

WWA, Chapter 54

Here's Chapter 54 of Weirdness at Waverly Academy. Today, Nancy travels through time.


Nancy looked at her to-do list again. She had been a busy detective lately, so most of the items on the list were crossed off already.

The To-Do List

1. Put Oklahoma back on the map of the United States
2. Get a picture of the map of the United States
3. Find a way into the locked classroom with the map of the United States

"I get the sense that I'm supposed to do the United States map puzzle now," Nancy commented. "But wait...there's a disclaimer here!"

In small print, the notebook stated United States Map Puzzle must be completed after curfew.

"No problem!" Nancy said, pulling out her phone. "Time Travel Powers, activate!"

Nancy set her phone to 11:00 PM, and instantly, she travelled through time to later that night. It was one of the more useful features of her cell phone.

When Nancy returned, she found herself sitting in one of the chairs on the top floor. Standing in front of her was Paige Griffen, the angry building monitor.

"Miss Sawyer, where have you been all day?" Paige asked. "You forgot to do Snack Shop duty! That's one demerit!"

"Oops," Nancy said.

"Now all the girls are starving!" Paige said. "What do you have to say for yourself?"

"I...uh...I got your term paper!" Nancy said.


"Your term paper," Nancy said, pulling it out of her bag. "You know, the one that Casper the Squirrel stole! I spent the day finding it and getting it back for you!"

Paige's eyes went wide as she saw the long-missing term paper whose disappearance caused her to flunk out of biology class. "I...this..." she said.

It was the nicest thing one of the valedictorian candidates had ever done for Paige, considering that she was always yelling at them and giving them demerits.

"'s still curfew time!" Paige said. "If you don't go to your room, you'll get demerits."

"Okay, I'm going," Nancy said, heading back to her room.

"And Becca? ...Thanks," Paige said.

"Anything for a friend," Nancy smiled.


Stephan rose said...

WOW! This was maybe the best one yet! "Time Travel Power,activate!"lol

Paige Griffin? More like a PAGE of paper with your term on it! ;)

Anonymous said...

Aw, I thought my phone was the only one that time travelled.

Anonymous said...

Lolz...seriously...this is gold....YOU MY FRIEND ARE AWESOME! 8D