Saturday, August 11, 2012

Tomb of the Lost Queen: Blind or Real?

I made two video walkthroughs for Nancy Drew: Tomb of the Lost Queen.  One was my first-time playthrough, and the other was an actual video walkthrough.

Two months ago, I finished both walkthroughs.  I think enough time has passed, and now the statistics can tell us which walkthrough is more popular.  So, time to check the number of views in the past 30 days, just like I did two months ago with other games.

Real Walkthrough Blind Walkthrough
Video #1 3,291 1,966
Video #5 1,758 719
Video #14 1,645 907

Hey, the real walkthrough is winning! Huzzah!


Emma said...

they were both great!!

Anonymous said...

I loved both, but I enjoyed the blind one the best XD

Isabelle said...

The blind was the funniest though!♥

Balin said...

I still have yet to watch the real walkthrough. I should probably do that soon.