Friday, August 31, 2012

Reading Aloud

I've been doing a lot of reading aloud recently, for two different Nancy Drew projects.

#1. Nancy Drew: Weirdness at Waverly Academy.  Due to popular demand, I'm making a video series where I read my story aloud.  I managed to get a very important compromise on this project, though; namely, I do not have to do girl voices.

Basically, the choice was between "should it sound like the game?" or "should it sound like its own story?".  I decided to settle for something which sounds decent, rather than going for something which sounds perfect.

So the voices are nothing more than vague impressions, and I don't wory too much about consistency.  The only character I don't do an impression/voice for is the main character, Nancy Drew.  This is because the entire story would sound horrible if I constantly tried to sound like Nancy.  But even though I don't try to be perfect, I think the voices come across very nice, and I hope everyone likes hearing the story.

#2. Nancy Drew Mobile Mysteries: Shadow Ranch for the iPad.  I'm making a video walkthrough for it, and since this game is mostly a book, I read the text aloud.  It's funny.  I can imitate Bess' voice, I can kind of imitate George's voice, but imitating Nancy's voice is still way far beyond me.

September 8th is when my video walkthrough is going to appear on Youtube. I'm not even halfway through the game yet, and I'm on video...30 or so.  Interestingly enough, I think my video walkthrough for Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time was about the same length.


Anonymous said...

That is nice that u r reading aloud also I am kettinr pumped up about the nancy drew shadow ranch for Ipad I really can't wait *excited*

Paul said...

You should DEFINITELY get the woman who voices Nancy Drew to collaborate with these on you.

Nana Cupcake said...

Michael,maybe you should have voice audtitions for the voices of the characters!!! and you just read the text. EXAMPLE:
Voice person: "Oh, no,"
Michael: Nancy said.
Voice person: "No no no no no no no no no!"

I hope you consider this. I'd really like to audition if you DO consider this. :)

Miriam said...

I played Shadow Ranch on my sister's iPhone a while ago and I noticed it was pretty long. I liked that it was pretty much a book with some collectibles and puzzles within the story. :) I wish they'd put it on Androids, though..

Justice said...

Oh my. I got enough of a chuckle out of reading the story for myself; I do believe hearing you read it aloud will make things come dangerously near maxing out my "amusing" meter! :D Awaiting the videos eagerly, Michael.

Unknown said...

Shadow Ranch?! AWESOME