Friday, August 17, 2012

Nancy Drew Kickstarter

Hey, the Nancy Drew Kickstarter has, well, kickstarted!  They're busy trying to raise the funds so they can port Tomb of the Lost Queen over to tablet devices.

They have different award levels, like a lot of fundraisers do.  Donate a certain amount and get a poster.  Donate a certain amount, and get a Youtube shoutout.  Donate a certain amount, and you get an amazingly fun Nancy Drew party!  You can also choose to donate, without getting a reward for it, if that's your style.

I gave my contribution of $300, because I liked the idea of getting an official Nancy Drew magnifying glass.  I was surprised at how easy it was to contribute, actually.  I thought I'd have to register an account and things like that, which usually take too much time.  But instead, Kickstarter was all, "Oh, you have a Facebook?  We'll just use that, then."  It was pretty nice.

In conclusion, donating money is relatively painless, and you get cool Nancy Drew swag for it.  I approve.  If you haven't donated already, I'd recommend doing so.  Also, if you've got friends who would be interested in donating, you should let them know about this Kickstarter project.

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Sammy said...

I hope they get enough money. I heard that if they don't make the money they need, no one will get the things that they won...Which I get, but still...I hope they get the money. I would donate, but the money I would be able to give would only get me things I already have. But it is really cool that you gave so much money!