Saturday, August 25, 2012


I find myself tempted to write a semi-professional treatise about love.  Something like this:


Love is considered to be one of the great mysteries of the universe, which no person can comprehend.  The idea is that love, at its core, is irrational, and so people spend little time trying to thoughtfully analyze it, determining what makes love "love".

Love is not irrational.

The things in this universe follow rules.  For example, a chair has four legs, a seat and a back.  If you try to change this set "chair pattern", you end up with something that is not a chair.  A chair with only four legs and a seat is a stool, not a chair.  A chair with three legs and a seat is a tripod, not a chair.  And a chair with only two legs and a seat is likely to fall down the moment you sit on it.

Love likewise has its own rules.  People try to change the rules of love, or come up with their own rules. This results in a half-formed love, a strange mess which vaguely resembles the way love is supposed to be.  Just like a chair with only two legs, is likely to fall apart at any moment.

More often than not, however, when people try to break the rules of love, they find that love breaks them.


That's all I've written so far, and I have no idea what to write next.  I'm not sure where I got the urge to write that little blurb.


Justice said...

It's okay that you don't know why you wanted to write that, or where to go with it. Things fitting that description come to me with surprising regularity - I just don't have the confidence to actually write them where other people can see; if I do write a random mini-essay, it goes in my diary. I give you a thumbs-up for sharing that "little blurb" with us; I thought it was a good thinking piece. :)

Anonymous said...

Nice comment about love you should actully be a writer or a poet but that is my opinion,lolz wat am I saying but anyways nice comment about love

Anonymous said...

Oooh that was fancy :D

Anonymous said...

Perhaps it came from the Lord! After all, chairs have 4 legs, a seat, and a back!

Nana Cupcake said...

:O Michael!! You did an amazing job on that!!

Anonymous said...

<3_<3 i love what you wrote thur.

Donita said...

I respectfully disagree. I think love is irrational, complex and inexplicable (I agree with you there.) You may not like it, but because of the complexities of human interaction, it usually is messy. It's our job to try to identify our feelings hopes and desires and communicate them to another person, in the hope that they feel the same. Often they don't; they say they do but it turns out later that they didn't; or they change their mind. There are 'rules' but they are artificial rules we have invented to try to make sense of the mess. That is why the 'rules' of love differ greatly from culture to culture. What you call rules are really preferences and we all disagree on them. a relationship is a negotiation between two people to try to align their preferences, and inevitably there are compromises. If it's really love, those compromises will seem insignificant. It's not a chair, it's more like a couple of piles of wood offcuts which we fashion into something we can sit on. The legs might be a bit uneven, but we shove a couple of beermats under the legs to stop it wobbling. At some point we decide to add some arms, cushions and a throw, and eventually it's comfortable. Every so often bits fall off and we have to fix them, so down the line it may be completely different from the seat we started with. Well that's my thoughts on love, I hope you find them interesting, even if you disagree.

Justin said...

Imagine finding Michael writing about this topic! Just finished Children of the Mind by Orson Scott Card for what probably is the 20th time. Perhaps this will give you some ideas about the nature of love?