Sunday, August 19, 2012

iPad Recording

Yesterday was one of those landmark days in video recording (for me, at least).  I managed to record a few hours of footage on the iPad!  The bad news is that most of it will never be seen by anyone but me.

Here's what I recorded, and why you won't see it.
  • Nancy Drew: Secret of Shadow Ranch.  There were a few problems with this recording.  For one, my hardware crashed twice.  For another, it was overly long (a half hour in, and I still hadn't finished Chapter 1).  But the worst part is that I got a bad case of the hiccups, which lasted for twenty minutes and destroyed the commentary I was doing.
  • Nightmare Adventures: The Witch's Prison.  I played the PC version of this game, but I kept the iPad version, so I could unlock the achievements.  Long story short, I played for forty minutes and unlocked two of the eight achievements I have yet to obtain--and the game didn't register them.  What a waste of time!
  • Jetpack Joyride.  This came out fine!  I think.  It's a fast-moving game, and I'm fearful that the video footage will be jumpy.  But if it's not, you can expect to see my 20 minute demo of the game.
  • Professor Garfield's Fact or Opinion.  This is an educational game, which teaches kids that Wikipedia is a hotbed of lies and should never be trusted.  Fie on you, Garfield!  Since this game is mainly just comic strips, it was easy to record.  I'll touch up my commentary a bit, and then release it sometime this week.
Hopefully, recording the iPad screen will continue to go smoothly in the future, and I can show everyone some of the games that I've been wanting to do walkthroughs for.


Anonymous said...

Once I used Wikipedia for my homework for science in 6th grade and I got a D-. Thanks Wikipedia

Anonymous said...

i hope that you can show the secrets of shadow ranch because i really want you to play that because its an awesome mini game for the ipad. ily

Diana said...

Well, I hope we can figure something out. It's good to see that your equipment worked for some things though.

fox racing girl said...

thanks 4 making your walkthroughs u do such a gr8 job!![=