Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Dungeons and Dragons (Part 2): The Characters

Okay, back to D&D.  In the first meeting of the group, we set up our various characters.  But to be honest, the really interesting characters were the people in the group.

One of them might be reading this, so let me start off by saying they are all nice, wonderful people.  That said, if the world really was in danger, I would not bring any of them along with me.  We are the least efficient group of adventures, of all time.  During the six hour session, I think we actually played for less than two hours.

So, it took us three six hour sessions to get through the three-to-four hour campaign.

The first session involved setting up the characters, like I said.  And that was it.  We didn't actually start the game that day.  I think the videogame equivalent of this is starting a Nancy Drew game with a bunch of your friends, and taking all day to decide whether you'll play on Amateur Sleuth mode or Master Sleuth mode.

Mountain Dew may have been involved.  Did you know they have blue-flavored Mountain Dew?  It is the most delicious soda drink I've ever tasted, but I have been unable to find it in any stores near my house.


Unknown said...

OH Michael, I see you're having fun :D

Miriam said...

Have you checked out Her Interactive's kickstarter thing? The rewards for the most expensive donations are pretty entertaining... :D

Donita said...

Tastes of blue? Hmmm... very existential.

Flashman85 said...

How big is your playing group? Anything over 6 is downright unmanageable for an efficient session, I've found.