Wednesday, August 29, 2012

August Newsletter

The Nancy Drew newsletter for August has been released!

  • The upcoming Nancy Drew: The Deadly Device now has a release date!  It will come out towards the end of October.  Preorders begin in the middle of September.
  • There is also cover art for Nancy Drew: The Deadly Device, as well as an offical product page for it.
  • And of course, the official Nancy Drew Kickstarter is still underway.  As of my writing this, the project has 267 backers, who have pledged about 4% of the total goal of a quarter of a million dollars.  There are less than two weeks left before the fundraiser ends.
More Nancy Drew in October?  Wow!  I still feel like I haven't had enough time to digest Nancy Drew: Tomb of the Lost Queen.  I mean, I only unlocked about two of the game's achievements.  I want to try unlocking all of them, in order to see all the game's outtakes.


Anonymous said...

Wow I hope I get the new nancy drew game and I hope I will see ur walkthrough on november or even on october

Anonymous said...

All of the Tomb of the Lost Queen outtakes can be viewed on YouTube:)