Sunday, July 29, 2012

WWA, Chapter 53

It seems that people want to read Weirdness at Waverly Academy, chapter by chapter.  It's a different experience than reading it all at once, I guess. That's the whole point of a drabble series, right?  You only get a bit at a time?  Anyway, today, Corine confronts Nancy over something she heard a few chapters ago.


"You can't join the Blackwood Society," Mel said. "Only real students can be members."

Nancy wanted to argue, but Mel had a point. Nancy would be long gone, by the time the next month's meeting occurred.

"Anyway, that's all you'll get me to say on the matter," Mel said. "I'm not going to tell you anything else."

Nancy scowled. "Impeding my investigation will get you added to my suspect list," Nancy said, pulling out a pen. "I'll write this down in my notebook, and...where's my notebook?"

Mel shrugged. "How would I know?"

"I must have left it in my room," Nancy said. "Be right back."

Nancy left Mel's room, and she went back to the room she was sharing with Corine. "Hey, Corine," Nancy said. "Did I leave my notebook in here?"

Corine glared at Nancy.

"What?" Nancy asked.

"I overheard Mel shouting at you a few minutes ago," Corine said. "You've got a fake name?"

"You were spying on me?" Nancy asked. "That's not nice!"

"Neither is lying about your true identity," Corine said, narrowing her eyes. "So dish."

"Fine," Nancy said. "You're right. My name isn't really Becca Sawyer."

"So that's why I couldn't find you online!" Corine said. "So what's your real name, Little Miss Liar?"

"My real name," Nancy began. She took a deep breath. "Is Rebecca Saywer."

"Oh," Corine said.

"Becca is just a nickname," Nancy explained.

"I know what nicknames are," Corine said. She sighed a little bit. "Darn, and I was hoping for the gossip of the century."

Nancy smiled to herself as she picked up her notebook, then left the room.


Isabelle said...

Haha! So funny!! Love your vids, Micahel!

Anonymous said...

XD This made me laugh forever

Stephan rose said...

Drabble series? More like BABBLE series!

Another great chapter. :o)