Saturday, July 14, 2012

WWA, Chapter 50

Here's Chapter 50 of Weirdness at Waverly Academy. Today, Nancy starts the second day of the game.


Nancy climbed back down the tree and went back to sleep. This time, her dreams weren't filled with strange poems and nightmares, so she slept peacefully until her alarm rang.

"Time to get up already?" Nancy asked sleepily. She reached out a hand to turn off her alarm, but she only succeeded in knocking her phone to the ground.

"Nuts, there goes my phone," Nancy said. She rolled out of bed and crawled under the desk, where her phone was. Nancy was surprised to see two other items there.

One was a Black Cat note which read Time's up.

Looks like Danielle did get a second note from the Black Cat, Nancy realized. Why was it hidden under a desk, though?

The other item was a small piece of wood, carved to look like the state of Oklahoma.

"Uh...what is Oklahoma doing here?" Nancy asked.

"Oklahoma?" Corine asked.

Nancy backed away from the desk and showed the piece of wood to Corine. "Yeah, I found this thing that looks like Oklahoma."

"That's probably from the US map," Corine said.

"What?" Nancy asked.

"You know, the one downstairs?" Corine said. "Just leave the rec room and it's on your right. They've got it locked up due to midterms study break, though."

Nancy remembered that she had to get a picture of the US map for Rachel's project. "Hey, thanks!" Nancy said.

This left Nancy with a big question, though. Why would Danielle steal a state from the US map, then hide it under her desk? Nancy tried to think up a good explanation.

Three weeks earlier...

"Stupid Oklahoma!" Danielle Hayes screamed. "Rejecting my application to Canute College! I'll show you! I'll hide you under my desk, where no one will ever see you again!"

Laughing maniacally, Danielle removed the state of Oklahoma from the map.

"NOW MY REVENGE IS COMPLETE!" Danielle shouted.

Nancy blinked in confusion, then considered putting Danielle at the top of her suspect list.


Anonymous said...

Haha I always wondered why Oklahoma was under Nancy's desk! Thanks for clearing that up!:)

Anonymous said...

LOVE the flashback! :D :D :D

Stephan rose said...

OMG! That flashback was brilliant!
Please please PLEASE do more of Becca Sawyer's incredibly-unfunny "witty" remarks!

Anonymous said...

yay!! I'm from Oklahoma. :)

Anonymous said...

LOLZ!! XD "My revenge is complete" *evil laughter* >:3