Thursday, July 19, 2012

Three Things Thursday

1.  I cannot confirm or deny the rumor that Mitt Romney has asked me to serve as his Vice-President.  Please stop asking me to make an official statement on this.
2. My latest social endeavors including joining a Dungeon and Dragons group and a bowling league.  I am completely unprepared for either; I've never played DND before, and my average is around 50.

3. Did I mention I'm getting really proud of my Nancy Drew: Weirdness at Waverly Academy story, now that I'm getting close to the end?  I've had the ending planned, since Chapter 20 or so.  It's just a lot of fun seeing all my crazy plotlines and jokes come together, for what I hope is going to be an exciting ending.

For example, the jokes I made about Nancy's literary aspirations?  That's not just a throwaway joke.  She's going to try writing a book about her adventures at Waverly.  I hope it will amuse.

The part of the story I hate the most is the beginning, which moves really slowly.  You can tell I wrote it, before I got into the swing of things and figured out what sort of pacing I wanted to have.  I'll probably go back and mash together the earlier chapters, once I'm done with the whole thing.


Thenwink said...

Michael, you have every right to be proud of the Waverly Academy story. It's epic! I tell you, I almost died from laughing on almost every single chapter. xD
I can't wait to see what the exciting and dramatic ending will be like. If it's anywhere near as good as the "Revenge on Oklahoma" incident, I will be satisfied! :D

Thenwink said...

Oh, and I won't ask you about your political affairs, but speaking of politicians, some people seem to think that you look pretty similar to Stephen Harper. What's your take on that, Mr. Potential Vice-President? xD

Miriam said...

Ooh, it'd be so freaking awesome if you were VP! ROMNEY/GRAY 2012!

Wait, but you have to be I guess the rumors are false. :(

Anonymous said...

*facepalm* I really like reading your blog and watching your Nancy Drew walkthroughs, but when politics get involved (especially with elections coming up in a few months), I get uneasy. I hope you don't plan on dedicating your blog to any one political party...

On a lighter note, I do have to admit that the resemblance between you and Stephen Harper is legit.

Anonymous said...

I have two things:
1) OMG VICE PRESIDENT GREY!? I would so vote for you if I saw old enough >.> *.*
2) I think you should do more Nancy Drew fan fictions! Your stories are HILARIOUS!! 8D

Anonymous said...

You've got my vote, Mr. future Vice President. XD That would be totally AWESOME!!!! I have heard of DND but never got around to playing it because my computer basically died and I am waiting to get a new one. =] I am way better at the Wii Bowling than the bowling in real life, which is sad ... I think. DX I have loved your Waverly Story since the beginning. Even though I can't wait to read the ending, I wil be sad that the story is over. You are very creative and hilarious at writing stories ... maybe you should do another one. :D
- K.C. <3