Monday, July 2, 2012

The Oregon Border

I drove up to Oregon this week. It's a long, boring drive that lasts about ten hours.  The scenery is made up most of mountains and billboards.

When you first cross the state border, the scenery changes, and everything becomes super-beautiful.  It feels like you're at Williamette Valley, at the end of a six-month journey down the Oregon Trail.

Ten minutes later, the scenery reverts back to boring.  I think the state only focuses on taking care of the area right near the border, in order to impress all newcomers.  That's a sneaky little trick.  California does the same thing, only we focus our efforts on Disneyland, not the state borders.


Kira said...

Ah, Washington has a somewhat boring border too (at least in the four places that I've crossed it). The nicest part would probably be up near the Vancouver crossing, where the Peace Arch and the ocean are.

Anonymous said...

Ooh that's pretty evil of them

Justice said...

Hey, at least they do SOMETHING, even if it is a trick. Me, I have yet to take a trip where I saw anything special near the borders of our adjoining states. All there is is a sign to let you know you've crossed a state line. :P

Unknown said...

but Disneyland is worth it.

Inky said...

Awww! You came to Oregon?! Too bad, I actually missed meeting you in person! Lol, all jokes aside, you should really take some time to come and visit Portland though, we have the boat races, and great little nature trails. Mt. Hood. Porlandia is the heart of Oregon-well at least to me, since it's where I live, and I can't begin to describe to you all the places that even I haven't discovered yet! Even though I'm -obviously- a local.