Sunday, July 15, 2012

More Cleaning

I finally took another step in cleaning my room. Today, I tackled the closet, which technically hasn't been cleaned since the room's last owner (my sister) moved out.

Items found in the closet include:
  • A handbell
  • A medal from 2000
  • An unopened pack of underwear from 2009
  • An old video camera, from before videocameras could connect to computers
  • A stuffed doll which looks like the boss from Dilbert
I also fixed up the shelf where I keep my DVDs.  The shelf used to be dominated by DVDs of the show 6teen.  They released about ten DVDs for the show, with each DVD containing only three episodes.  Then, they released "season-long" DVDs, containing thirteen episodes each.  So I was able to save money (and space on my shelf) by buying the season-long DVDs.

I'm a little miffed that they only made DVDs up to Season 3, Volume 1 before stopping.  The show made it all the way to a fourth season, so there are 26 episodes that have never made it to DVD.  I want to see them!  Especially the episodes which never aired in the United States.

As for the rest of my entertainment shelf, I found two copies of Nancy Drew: Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon and Nancy Drew: Curse of Blackmoor Manor (DVD).  Maybe I'll sell the extra copies on eBay.  I'm not going to bother trying to sell the 6teen DVDs on eBay, though, because those are from seven years ago.


Future HeR Animator said...

I watch your Nancy Drew walkthroughs from time to time, for fun and when I get stuck. :) With us both being ND fans, could you please like my ND fan page on Facebook? :):):)

Anonymous said...

A handbell? Hmmmm, interesting. Is there a story behind it?

Miriam said...

I got the DVD version of Blackmoor Manor when it was fairly new and played it for a while. I never ended up beating it, though. Movement was tedious and choppy from what I remember, and I didn't like having to play until I got to a set spot when it would give me a new save code.
These things aren't really the fault of Her Interactive, though; if you're playing a DVD game, it's just kind of to be expected. :|