Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Job Searching

Yes, I'm still searching for a job.  None of the places I've applied to have contacted me back.  For all I know, they shredded my resume and used it to line a chincilla cage.

I don't know about you, but it annoys me when people ask, "So what kind of job are you looking for?"  I'm looking for a job.  I'm not in a situation where I can be picky and say, "Oh, well, I'm only going to apply for sales positions."  In my experience, limiting yourself to just one field only results in slightly faster rejection.

I also get upset when I apply for a job, and two weeks later, the job reappears in the want ads.  To me, that's a clear sign that they didn't like any of the applications--including mine--so they're trying again.  Why else would they have the exact same position available?  Unless they hired someone and then fired them within two weeks.  Or they're hiring year-round.

Either way, they didn't bother to tell me that I didn't get the job.  I had to find out second-hand.  That's another problem.  No company ever tells applicants when the job position is closed.  Only a handful of places send automatic email responses, which go like this:

Dear Mr. Gray,

Thank you for your interest in [position].  We have received your application, and we will review it soon.  We will then contact you shortly.

But then they don't.  And every day, you check your phone messages and email, hoping that they contacted you, like they promised.  And the days just pass by, until you realize they're never going to call.  I've reached the point where I hope that I get a email that says, "Hey, Michael!  We're not giving the job to you, because you're a total loser!"  If that happened, I would be incredibly happy that at least someone has contacted me back.


MissNiChloe said...

I know the feeling. I got an email rejection not to long ago from I job I applied to a year ago. They had waited a year before rejecting me. I'm still trying to find a job. They say having a degree makes it easier, if so, why do I always see friends getting a job straight out of highschool? And that's before they go to college. I have not been able to get hired, ever, unless it was a volunteer job.

Elentarien said...

I feel the pain. Although, I have been having the issue that perusing the want ads and 'open' positions, there is just NOTHING out there that I qualify for. Which...which really does little for the self-esteem either. :P

But yeah, on the topic of wishing they'd contact you back - even with a form letter saying the position is filled, or whatever. . .it would be MORE helpful if they would contact you back and say "the position is closed. We're sorry, but we found you unqualified/unsuitable for ."

I mean, if you knew WHY they were passing you by, it would give you an idea of whats making you so undesirable as an employee, and you could work on improving that. Instead, they just don't respond and people are left as clueless and hopeless as before. Its just so. . .so. . .unfair.

Anonymous said...

The right job/position will come along soon! Don't give up hope. The Lord is doing something with your life!

Bets of luck on your search though! It must be really frustrating!

Anonymous said...

I know what you mean! Job searching sucks. I just recently finally got one after forever of searching. I usually call the place after a couple weeks or so to ask if my application had been reviewed. That usually brings good results too because it shows them that you are interested. The worst that could happen is they say they are still looking or have already filled the position, in which case you at least have some answers. Maybe you can try that? :)

Anonymous said...

You'll find a job soon! Don't worry! Like @Anonymous said, God has a plan!(:

Justice said...

I'm not old enough to be job searching, so I can't say I know exactly how you feel, but if it's any consolation, I still sypathize. Don't give up hope, Michael. As others have said, God has a plan. Pray for His guidance; I'll pray for you, too. :)

Anonymous said...

Are you looking for a job in just California? If you are, unless you are tied down to the state, I would suggest seriously look elsewhere, even if that means having to move. Unfortunately, California has arguably become the Greece of America and it doesn’t look like their employment opportunities are going to improve anytime soon based on their current fiscal data and projections. It’s difficult everywhere of course, but your chances would approve dramatically if you look outside of California.

Moriah said...

My sister is also trying to search for a job, she went to a job interview today. I hope she gets the job, Don't give up Micheal! theirs always some job you would be good at. Best of luck Micheal!


Anonymous said...

You should totally apply to be a beta tester for Her Interactive :)
It's going to be fun if you did do it :D
Course I don't know if you can make walkthroughs anymore..
On second thought, don't get a job with her interactive ._.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Man, it is their loss! But, I guess it's the job market these days. I can't imagine anyone not hiring you.

Are you on twitter?

Anonymous said...

Oops, nevermind. I found it. You don't tweet much.