Monday, June 25, 2012

WWA, Chapter 46

Oh, yeah, for a while there I forgot that I'm still writing Weirdness at Waverly Academy. Here's Chapter 46, where Nancy works the Snack Shack for the first time.


Nancy had just discovered some kind of musical notation, written on the lampshades in the main room. Rita Hallowell had written these notes herself, over 150 years ago. It was very fortunate the lampshades hadn't been replaced in all that time.

"Gee, and I thought they would have replaced the lightbulbs at least a dozen times by now!" Nancy said. "Maybe nobody noticed the writing when they changed the bulbs."

Nancy went to the library and used the school computer to look for a book about musical notation. The only book about music was currently in the possession of Mel Corbalis.

"Back to Mel," Nancy sighed. Nancy had spent so much time in Mel's room at this point that Nancy figured she might as well move in and become Mel's new roommate.

Nancy went to Mel's room and started a conversation with the pink-loving cellist.

"Hey, Mel," Nancy said. "Can I borrow that book you have on musical notation?"

"Sure thing," Mel said. "As long as you get me a cookie and some milk from the snack shop..."

"Milk and cookies?" Nancy wondered. Are you Santa Claus in disguise?

"It's not that I'm too lazy to get them myself," Mel said. "It's just..."

"You have a certain image to maintain," Nancy said.

Mel winked and said, "And milk and cookies don't exactly enhance it."

"Well, that settles it," Nancy said. "If goths can't get cookies, then I'm never becoming a goth. Maybe I'll become a police officer instead. Or a teenage superhero."

"Uh..." Mel said.

"To the Snack Shack!" Nancy said in her most heroic voice. She ran out of Mel's room, dashed through the hallway, then flew down the stairs. To be more accurate, she tripped and fell down the stairs, but it kind of looked like flying. Either way, she ended up at the Snack Shack.

Nancy picked up the clipboard explaining the Snack Shack instructions, then proudly announced, "All right everybody! Snack shop's open!"

A crowd of starving teenage girls appeared out of nowhere. Nancy had no idea where they came from, because none of them lived in the dorm. How did they know to come to the Snack Shop at the very second it opened?

The first order was for granola, an apple and a chocolate bar. That was simple enough. Nancy just picked up those items from their places on the counter.

The second order was for lettuce, lettuce, tomato and lettuce on a toasted bagel.

"Really?" Nancy asked. "That's your order?"

"What?" the girl asked. "I'm trying to watch my weight!"

Nancy rolled her eyes as she put together the order. "Next time, ask for something normal," she suggested.

The next girl asked for a meat-and-cheese sandwich, with an apple. Nancy made the sandwich just fine, but she was confused to find that the apples were in the fridge with the milk.

I guess the people here don't like warm apples, Nancy thought.

The fourth girl asked for six cookies and two Koko Kringle bars.

"My kind of order!" Nancy said. She gave the chocolate to the girl, then stopped when she got stuck.

"Uh...I don't see any cookies here," Nancy said.

"You must be the new girl," the girl who ordered said. "The cookie dough is in the fridge. Just put them in the oven."

Nancy checked and sure enough, there was raw cookie dough in the fridge. She took out eight things of cookie dough—six for the customer, two for herself—and put them on aluminum foil in the oven.

"You can come back in a half-hour to pick them up," Nancy said. "They're—"

*Ding!* went the oven.

"Whaaaaaaaa?" Nancy said. She opened the oven, and eight perfectly-finished cookies came out.

"It can bake cookies in five seconds?" Nancy asked. "What kind of oven is this?"


Anonymous said...

hahah gotta love you for writing this. i know it must not be that easy. thank you michael gray!!!!!

Stephan rose said...

"If goths can't get cookies, then I'm never becoming a goth". Words to live by.

Anonymous said...

Apparently Waverly Academy has achieved Back to the Future II technology.

Anonymous said...

Nancy when discovering the oven "what kind of sorcery is this? "

Anonymous said...

Another excellent chapter. :D