Saturday, June 16, 2012

WWA, Chapter 45

Here's Chapter 45 of Weirdness at Waverly Academy. Today, Nancy gets some help from Ned.


"Hey, I got something a newbie like you might enjoy," Mel said, holding out a newspaper clipping. "It's got lots of info about Waverly."

"Uh...thanks," Nancy said.

"You can keep it," Mel said. "I already know everything there is about this place."

Nancy took the newspaper clipping and read it. By crazy coincidence, it talked about the trophy that Rachel wanted a picture of.

"Perfect!" Nancy said. "See ya!"

Nancy headed downstairs and found the trophy in the newspaper clipping. She took a photo of it with her cell phone.

"That's one photo down," she said. "Better get some of the others."

It was easy enough to take a picture of the oak tree outside, the front of the building, and the school logo on the floor of the main room. However, Nancy had no idea where she could get the missing Rita Hallowell picture. Nancy also didn't know where the hand-carved map of the US was, either.

"Time to check my task list for a clue!" Nancy said. She flipped open her task list, but all it had listed was "get the photos for Rachel".

"Shoot, that doesn't tell me where to take the photos," Nancy said. "Well, if the task list isn't helping, I guess I can always phone a friend."

That's why Nancy called her boyfriend Ned.

"Hey, Nan, what's going on?" Ned asked.

"I need a hint," Nancy said.

Always accommodating, Ned said, "Tell me what you need, and I'll do my best."

Now, Nancy was going to ask about the pictures, but for some strange reason, she couldn't talk about that. It was like her conversation topics were limited to only one thing, which was "According to Rita Hallowell's journal, I need to play something on the piano, but I have no idea what that something is."

"Take a good look around the foyer," Ned suggested. "There are a couple of things that might shed some light on the subject."

"Sounds good. Thanks for the help," Nancy said.

"No problem. See ya, Nan!"

"Bye!" Nancy said.

Boy, I'm sure lucky to have a boyfriend who knows how to solve puzzles without having even seen them! Nancy thought.

She hung up the phone and went to the foyer. Ned's shed some light clue obvious referred to the lamps here. She turned the lampshades around, and she noticed there was writing on them.

"Aha! This is some kind of music puzzle!" Nancy said. She gave herself a pat on the back, then realized something.

"I don't know anything about music!" she said. Nancy quickly pulled out her phone and called Ned again.

"Nancy? You're calling again so soon?" Ned asked.

"I need another hint," Nancy said. "I don't know how to read musical notation."

"I'm not going to give you two hints in a row," Ned chided. "Figure this puzzle out on your own."

"Aw..." Nancy said.

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Anonymous said...

Ha, I can sympathize with Nancy. I'm always calling her friends in the games to basically tell me to do too. ^_~