Thursday, June 14, 2012

WWA, Chapter 43

We're going to have three chapters of Weirdness at Waverly Academy in a row here. Today, Nancy interrogates Izzy.


Our heroine, Nancy Drew, had just found the evidence which proved Mel did not plagiarize her art history paper. The paper in question had, in fact, been written by Jacob Pryce, long after Mel's paper.

Nancy thought for a moment. "Jacob Pryce..." she said to herself. "Could this be the same Jacob that's currently dating Izzy Romero?"

Nancy decided to ask Izzy and find out. She went to the part of the library where Izzy was studying and started up a conversation. "Hello, Izzy," Nancy said.

"How's it going?" Izzy asked.

Not one for tact, Nancy blurt out, "What's this about you stealing Leela's boyfriend?"

Izzy seemed annoyed, as if many other people had already asked her that. "The guy asked me to Oxborough's holiday bash, and I said yes," she said. "Big whoop."

"But he was dating Leela!" Nancy said. "That's...that's against the boyfriend code!"

"It's a free country," Izzy shrugged. "He can date whomever he wants."

"But...the code!" Nancy said. "Stealing someone's boyfriend goes against the boyfriend code AND the roommate code!"

"Look, I don't steal boyfriends, okay?" Izzy said. "I don't have to. Guys're just naturally attracted to me. I know how conceited that sounds, but it's the truth. Leela had her chance with this guy. She couldn't cut it, so now he's into me. She's just gonna have to deal with it."

Nancy wanted to object some more, but that wasn't important to the conversation or the investigation. Reluctantly, Nancy changed the topic.

"Did you hear Mel was accused of plagiarizing someone's paper?" she asked.

"Yeah, and I'm not surprised," Izzy said. "Like I said, she's psycho."

"Here's the interesting thing," Nancy said. "The paper she was accused of plagiarizing? It was written by Jacob Pryce. Your, ahem, boyfriend?"

"What, you mean Jacob framed her?" Izzy asked. "Yeah right."

"Who else could it have been?" Nancy asked. "The Black Cat?"

"It was probably Mel herself!" Izzy said. "She's trying to make it look like she was framed! Or she was trying to frame Jacob!"

It didn't take a genius to discredit that theory. "Why would Mel risk getting kicked out of school, in order to frame herself for a crime she didn't commit?" Nancy asked. "That makes no sense."

"I don't know," Izzy said. "I'm just saying, just because Jacob's name came up, it doesn't mean I'm involved. Don't forget, up until very very recently, Jacob was Leela's boyfriend."

"Hmmm..." Nancy said. She wasn't sure if she believed that, but there wasn't any concrete proof which tied Izzy to the crime.


Stephan rose said...

beauty is only skin deep. Anyone who goes around breaking codes like that is NOT a good person

Anonymous said...

esponder a este vĂ­deo...
oh hi my name is johanna.... thank u for all ur help in all nancy drew's game.... u all time mak me laughing u so fonny jajajajajaja u r wonderfull thank 4 everything.....