Saturday, June 9, 2012

WWA, Chapter 42

Here's Chapter 42 of Weirdness at Waverly Academy. Today, Nancy proves that Mel is innocent.


Nancy logged on to the school computer, for what must have been the fifth time in under an hour. If the school librarian had been there that day, she would have become concerned about Nancy's computer usage.

Nancy got on to Paper Trail, through the Academic Resources section of the school website. She typed in one of the many citations on the left side of Mel's paper. The computer responded with a screen that said IP address not found. Pick from the last twenty known IP address strings.

"You have got to be kidding me," Nancy said.

Twenty IP address strings appeared onscreen, divided into four columns. Luck was not on Nancy's side, as they were all mixed up in a random order. She would have to figure out which four IP address strings were the ones she was looking for, without any clue to go on, besides "none of the digits repeat".

Nancy sighed and started guessing. Logic seemed to dictate that, if the final number was ten digits long, it would have two strings of three numbers each and two strings of two numbers each. That eliminated some of the possibilities, making her job easier.

As Nancy worked, she got a text message from Mel, sent to the whole school.

Becca S. got kicked out of the school in France, because her sorority egged the dean's car after finals.

Nancy laughed. That was the sort of crazy stunt that Becca Sawyer, Nancy's current alias, would have enjoyed participating in.

"That Becca S. girl sounds crazy!" Nancy said. "I've got to meet her! It's so weird I've met all the other girls here, besides Becca!"

Eventually, Nancy came across the correct IP address, which was This led to an essay by Jacob Pryce, posted on November 18th.

Nancy double-checked Mel's essay. It was dated November 17th.

"Hey, Mel's essay was written one day before Jacob's!" Nancy said. "That means she couldn't have plagiarized her essay! Mel's innocent!"


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Hi Michael-
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