Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Nancy Drew: Tomb of the Lost Queen - Final Video

I finished my video walkthrough for Nancy Drew: Tomb of the Lost Queen!

Towards the end of the video walkthrough, I asked myself, "Is there anything at all I should say in this video that I won't get a chance to say later?"  Two things came to mind, considering that this is a game where Nancy goes to Egypt.

1. I had to make a joke about someone being in denial (i.e. de-Nile).
2. I had to make a reference to the "sands through the hourglass" from  Days of our Lives.

I also remembered to give shoutouts this time...but nobody requested them.  So I gave a shoutout to Hannah Beaton and Gabriel Wolf.  (I'm mentioning this because Hannah reads this blog, and I think she missed the shoutout in the video).

I'm probably going to make a video which shows off all the death sequences in this game.  I tried recording it twice already, but there were technical problems.  And since it'll be at least 20 minutes long, I decided to wait a while before trying again.


Virginia said...

Awesome! I remember when I beat the game, I had no idea what the culprit's motive was.

Amy M. said...

Hey when you're recording your death video for TMB, can you give a shoutout to MysteryWriter10? That's my username on YouTube! :D

Becki said...

Cool! This was really fun to watch! :D

Film Geek said...

Michael, it's Hannah, and I'm here to say thank you! :D You were right, I missed the shout out! This was primarily due to the fact that we haven't finished playing the game yet, which means I've been trying to avoid as many spoilers on the ending as I can! I can't wait to hear what you said. Thank you so much, it means a lot! :) (p.s. Everyone was thrilled when I told them, especially Elijah!)

Moriah said...

That was a cool walkthrough Micheal, It's so cool the guy who voiced dylan called you! The next game looks good.


Cavazos said...

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