Monday, June 18, 2012

Job Hunting

I'm still job hunting.  Here are random thoughts which occurred to me when I last looked through the want ads.

1.  I get extremely nervous when the job listings say "tell us how much you want to earn".  That just makes me feel like they get a host of applicants together, then just pick the one who asked for the smallest paycheck.

2.  Here's something which happens a lot.  I'll find a job listing which looks perfectly good, and at the very end of the requirements section, they list something unscrutible like "applicant must have JD".  It's always a bummer when that happens.

3. I'm getting really sick of the iPhone apps companies--there are a lot of them here in Silicon Valley--who refuse to hire anyone without five years' experience in developing iPhone apps.  The iPhone isn't even five years old yet; are there really that many people who have been making iPhone apps for five years?


Anonymous said...

You should really give a shot at voice-acting. You seem to be able to imitate characters of the games you play fairly easily. And it'd be something new. Maybe you can send in a video to an agent or studio and see what happens. Nothing ventured nothing gained.

Anonymous said...

Employer here.

Don't worry about your first point. How much we have to pay our employees sure isn't the only thing we consider when we are hiring! In fact, sometimes we use it as a judgement of your character. Just be assertive! Not aggressive, mind you--assertive's where it's at. How much do you want? Honestly! Just go for it. Somebody somewhere is looking for YOU to hire, and YOU will FIND each other, and you'll be successful!

Good luck in your future employment endeavours!