Thursday, June 28, 2012


Hey, folks! Earlier, I mentioned getting in contact with Gabriel Wolf, voice of Dylan Carter in the latest Nancy Drew game.

We're trying to arrange some kind of interview. That way, he gets free publicity, and everyone has fun.

If this actually works out, what questions should I ask?


Anonymous said...

You could ask him about how he got in the voice acting business, because you are so good at it.

Amy M. said...

You can ask how long you've been playing Nancy Drew games and what are you're favorite Nancy Drew game or somethig :) That's cool he contacted you!

Sambo513 said...

I think Dylan Carter is named after Howard Carter- one of the discoverers of King Tut's tomb.

Film Geek said...

What was it like recording the voice of Dylan?

Would you be willing to reprise your role, should the opportunity ever arise?

What is your favorite thing about voice acting?

Have you ever actually been to Egypt?

What projects do you typically sign up for?

Are you a person who would play the same character twice, or does everyone you portray, have to be different? (For example, Christopher Eccleston has said he doesn't like revisiting prior characters he has played)

Just a few that came to mind!
Can't wait to watch/hear this if it works out! :) [Have him say one of Dylan's catch phrases if possible! ;)]

Anonymous said...

Oh oh! Ask: So are you a fan of Nancy Drew? Or the Hardy Boys by any chance? I mean he DID voice act in a ND game after all >.>

Diana said...

Did you have fun working on this project?
Would you do it again?
What kind of characters do you like to portray?
Are you a fan of the Nancy Drew series? Have you played the games/favorite?
What's your favorite voice type to do (does that make sense?)?
I liked your accent. :)

Anonymous said...

Was the accent real or not? Either way, it was excellent.

Miriam said...

Does he have plans to play any of the games in the series after being a part of the creation of so much joy? (He totally should, by the way.)

Anonymous said...

Whoah, awesome! That would be fun :)

What was your favorite line to say?
Have you thought of doing more Nancy Drew voices?

Anonymous said...

Was the accent real?

Is he a fan of Nancy Drew or the Hardy Boys?

How did he get into the voice acting business?

What tips would he give an aspiring voice actor?

Anonymous said...

It's awesome that you'll get to interview him ! (:
You could ask what motivated him into the voice acting business.
And you absolutly have to tell him that his acent was really good !

Emma said...

yay! you should ask him if he met any other "cast" members (lani minella aah) and what they were like!

Anonymous said...


I'm curious as to his reaction to your walkthrough(s) of the game.

Does he like to play computer/video games? Which ones?

Will he appear in future Nancy Drew games?

What was his favorite of Dylan Carter's lines?

Moriah said...

That's so cool he contacted you Micheal! I think you should ask him what it was like working with the voice actress who does Nancy Drew.And you could ask him what his favorite Nancy Drew game is or if he has ever played one.


Smallgirl23 said...

What about one of my questions?
If President Obama was in a garbage can on your street and he asked you for one shoe, what would you do?

Unknown said...

Wait is that Dylan Carter guy the British tour guide?
That's soooo cool!
Uhm. I can't really tell you any questions to ask, cause Film Geek already asked all the obvious questions ._.
How about, 'How did it feel to be working with a well-known and loved series like Nancy Drew?'