Saturday, May 19, 2012

WWA, Chapter 37

Here's Chapter 37 of Weirdness at Waverly Academy. Today, Nancy uses the school computer.


Nancy sadly walked away from the Rec Room. Nancy thought she had the mystery all solved, but Leela proved that Nancy's theory was rather stupid.

Maybe I'm not such a great detective after all... Nancy thought. After all, I'm not even close to figuring out who the Black Cat is. All I've done so far is take pictures for Rachel.

Her mind full of sad thoughts, Nancy went to the school computer in the library and logged on. The home page reminded her that she still hadn't done Snack Shop duty yet, and that the book of Edgar Allen Poe stories was still missing from the library.

More failures... Nancy thought.

Nancy knew she had to upload the pictures to the website for Rachel's project, but she wasn't sure where to upload them. After all, over half the pages on the website were down, due to scheduled website maintenance. The "About Us" section didn't seem useful, and neither did the "Library Page" section.

Nancy clicked on "Student Life". This part of the website was home to "The Campus Word", which appeared to be some kind of news article. The article was about the albino squirrel who had stolen a starburst token from Nancy earlier. Apparently, the squirrel was called "Casper", and there was some concern that the squirrel wouldn't be able to collect enough nuts for the winter. Izzy Romero, the author of the article, proclaimed that her efforts had saved the squirrel from starvation.

That thieving squirrel needs to be locked up, not fed extra food, Nancy thought.

The "Student Life" part of the website was also home to the student handbook (yawn), security blotter (someone broke into their room using a student ID card), and Double Take. Double Take was a very simple matching game, and according to the student handbook, you got credits if you received a new high score on the game.

They give credits for playing games at this school? Nancy wondered. I want to transfer here!

There was no time for playing games, though. Nancy still had to upload the pictures for Rachel. She double-checked the piece of paper Rachel gave her, which said the pictures had to go into the "Valedictorian Race" section of the "Academics" site.

Nancy plugged her phone into the computer's USB port, then opened up the proper website. She uploaded all six photos. She sighed, then crossed "upload the photos for Rachel's project" off her to-do list.

Nancy got up and left the library, still feeling bad that she had made no progress in solving the mystery. Nancy was so depressed that she couldn't even cheer herself up with one of Becca Sawyer's sassy one-liners.

Waverly Academy? More like, Waverly A-bad -emy, Nancy thought. Because I'm bad at solving this mystery...


Philip said...

I TOTALLY love the tone of this chapter! After 30+ chapters of sassy detective Becca, it's now really refreshing to see Becca with such a gloomy perspective on everything. I hope to see more of that... :D

Anonymous said...

Oh no!!! Hopefully something or someone can cheer Nancy up. :D This chapter is so different than the others but I like it like that because it shows Nancy's mood changes the feeling to the story. Nancy needs to cheer herself up first then go back to solving the mystery. :)
- K.C.

Anime Girl said...

Michael, you're such an amazing writer!!!! :D

Unknown said...

Abademy? More like HOW-bad-of-me to not have solved this case yet! ;)

Unknown said...

Abademy? More like HOW-bad-of-me to not have solved this case yet! ;)

Anonymous said...

@Anime Girl, DITO!!!:D