Saturday, May 12, 2012

WWA, Chapter 36

Here's Chapter 36 of Weirdness at Waverly Academy. Today, Nancy solves the entire mystery!

...Kind of.


"Did you hear that a book of Edgar Allen Poe stories went missing from the library?" Nancy asked.

"No," Leela said.

"Yeah, me neither," Nancy said, slightly confused as to where she learned a library book was missing.

Suddenly, Nancy Drew was suddenly struck by a burst of inspiration, which contained the solution to the entire mystery!

"That's it!" Nancy said. "Edgar Allen Poe! He's the key to the mystery!"

"What?" Leela asked.

"I just thought up a theory about Edgar Allen Poe," Nancy said. "What if he wrote a book of unpublished stories?"

"...That doesn't make sense," Leela said. "You can't write a book of unpublished stories. If the stories are in a book, that means they're published."

"Well...fine, maybe they're published unpublished stories," Nancy said. "Either way, nobody knew about this book, right? And when he was dying, Mr. Poe gave the book to a nurse at the hospital."

"Why did he do that?" Leela asked.

"Not important," Nancy said. "The important thing is that Nurse Hallowell was so inspired by Mr. Poe that she quit her job and decided to go into education. She was one of the founders of Waverly Academy!"

"I'm confused," Leela said. "Is this story real or something you made up?"

"Not important," Nancy said. "Rita Hallowell knew that the published unpublished book couldn't be found, or someone bad would try to publish it. So she decided to hide the book somewhere inside Waverly Academy."

"There's a book of Edgar Allen Poe stories hidden here at Waverly?" Leela asked.

"But it's well-protected, by a series of puzzles!" Nancy said. "Like...a giant pendulum that hangs from the ceiling and cuts someone in half if they try to read it! And a secret society with a spooky chant that corresponds to the numbers on old blueprints!"

"Becca, maybe you should lie down for a bit," Leela said. "You sound...odd."

"I'm just saying," Nancy said. "What if there's something valuable hidden at Waverly Academy—something like a lost Edgar Allen Poe book—and that's what the Black Cat is after?"

"If that's true, then why is the Black Cat attacking valedictorian candidates?" Leela asked.

"Well, she wants to get rid of the valedictorians, because..." Nancy tried to think of a reason. "They might interrupt her while she's looking for the hidden treasure?"

"The Black Cat is attacking people because they might interrupt her?" Leela asked. "That's a pretty flimsy reason to send someone to the hospital."

Nancy had to admit, Leela had a point.

"Besides, did you forget it's Midterms Study Break?" Leela asked. "People are so busy that they barely have time to leave their rooms! If you wanted to look for something without being interrupted, now would be the perfect time!"

"Well...true..." Nancy said.

"I'm sorry, Becca, but that's the dumbest idea I ever heard," Leela said. "The Black Cat is attacking valedictorians because she wants to be valedictorian, not because she's trying to find a lost book of stories."

"Oh..." Nancy said, sadly. And she was so sure that she had the mystery solved, too. "Guess I'd better go, then."

"Hang in there," Leela said. "And next time, actually think things through before playing detective."

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Anonymous said...

This chapter made my day. It's very hilarious. XD I totally loved it!!!! <3
- K.C. :)