Saturday, May 5, 2012

WWA, Chapter 35

Here's Chapter 35 of Weirdness at Waverly Academy. Today, Nancy plays darts with Leela.


Nancy was talking with Leela Yadav. Leela was upset about her roommate, Izzy Romero. If Nancy had to be honest, though, she would say that none of the girls at Waverly seemed to make good roommates. Izzy stole boyfriends, Mel gave out her roommate's cell phone number to strangers, and Corine liked to force her roommate into doing her homework.

Really, the only valedictorian who hadn't yet been disqualified from winning "Roommate of the Year" was Rachel Hubbard, and that was because Rachel was in a single room.

"Anyway, enough about that backstabbing traitor," Leela said. "What's up?"

"I wanted to see if you got that picture of Megan Vargas for me," Nancy said.

"Yeah, I got it right here," Leela said. "But the only way you're getting it is by beating me at Scram."

"Another game, I bet," Nancy said.

"This one is a dart game," Leela said. "One person is the blocker, while other is the scorer. The blocker's role is to take numbers off the board and—"

Nancy zoned out while Leela explained how the game worked. Instead of listening to the sports enthusiast, Nancy tried working out the plot for the latest mystery novel she was writing. It was partially based off a case she solved in Detroit, where the culprit was smuggling diamonds inside the teddy bears at a zoo's gift shop.

"And that's all there is to it!" Leela finished. "Any questions?"

"Yeah!" Nancy said. "Why is the dart board so close to the stairs? If someone was coming down the stairs, they could get hit by a dart, and they'd never see it coming."

"You'd have to have really bad aim to miss the dart board by that much," Leela said dismissively.

"If you say so," Nancy said. "Okay, let's get started!" Nancy grabbed a dart and swung her arm around a few times to build up speed.

"Becca, it's not a softball!" Leela said.

"Bullseye!" Nancy said, letting go of the dart. The dart flew straight upwards and got embedded in the ceiling.

"Whoops," Nancy said. "Let me try again."

Nancy's next throw landed in a plant, and the throw after that somehow went behind her and into the snack shack area.

"On second thought, let's forget about darts," Leela said. "It's too dangerous, anyway. Let me get that picture."

While Leela's back was turned, Nancy threw her last remaining dart at the board and got a bullseye. Nancy smiled to herself. All that dart playing at Castle Malloy had given Nancy good aim, but she knew it'd be easier to pretend she couldn't play darts at all.

Leela got the picture out of her bag, then handed it to Nancy. "Here's the picture of Megan you wanted," Leela said.

"Thanks," Nancy said. "Hmmm. Looks like I'll have to take a picture of a picture."

So Nancy took out her cell phone, and that's just what she did.


Anonymous said...

Lol I love it when she pretends she can't play darts to get out of playing the game lol I think I'd do that. :) Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

Lol, I low how you mentioned Castle of Mallory

Anonymous said...

Clever Nancy, with the darts ... she always finds a short cut to get out of doing things so in the end she gets what she wants quicker. :) Now, if I can think like that. Hehehe. :D
- K.C.

Anonymous said...

Lol!! The part about the guy smuggling the diamonds in the teddy bears at a zoo's gift shop made me laugh loads!!! Good job Michael you rock!!!
- Nancydrewrocks10

Kimiღ x3 said...

I love this story so far! It's Hilarious.

One question that is not related to the story though....(I'm Curious)

What happened to the girls in "The Captive Curse" AFTER the culprit kidnapped them? I mean, HerInteractive never told us what happened to them after the culprit kidnapped them.

I love your videos and blog posts! :D Keep up the superb work!~
I'm getting a ND game in June too! (The Ultimate Bundle!)
-T, your Fan + Supporter!