Friday, May 4, 2012

WWA, Chapter 34

Here's Chapter 34 of Weirdness at Waverly Academy. Today, we have boyfriend drama.


"Close call with Paige," Nancy said to herself, breathing a sigh of relief. "But I'm pretty sure she doesn't suspect that Becca Sawyer is really Nancy Drew. That would be—"

*beep beep beep*

Nancy almost screamed, when she realized it was her cell phone. She picked it up and read a text message that was sent to the entire school.

Izzy has date 4 oxbro bash—with Leelas boyfriend! Oops make that ex-BF!

"Uh oh!" Nancy said. "Izzy stole Megan's boyfriend and Leela's boyfriend? Ouch!"

Nancy decided to never introduce Izzy Romero to her boyfriend, Ned Nickerson. Then, a second text message came in.

New French exchange student Becca S. doesn't seem to know anything about France. Is she an impostor?

"Who is this Becca S. girl?" Nancy wondered. "That's the third text I've gotten about her today."

Nancy decided to go to the rec room, so she could talk to Leela about the boyfriend development.

"It's only fair to warn you that I'm not in a very good mood right now," Leela said, right off the bat.

"Because of the Izzy situation?" Nancy asked.

"How could she do it? Did she think I wouldn't mind if she started dating Jacob?" Leela said. "My gosh, it's all over school!"

"Did you know she was interested in him?" he asked.

"I'm not stupid," Leela said. "I could tell she was on his radar. The way she'd look at him and flirt her brains out with him. I just never figured she'd make a move on him while he was still dating me. I mean, who does that to their own roommate?"

"I know!" Nancy said. "I'd never do that to my roommate! Not that I have to worry about it, because I don't think Corine has a boyfriend for me to steal, but still. Have you talked to Izzy about it yet?"

"No, and I don't think I will," Leela said. "I'm just going to act like nothing's wrong at all. You know, psyche her out a bit. Get her worried about when and how I'm going get back at her. Because, I will definitely get back at her. That's a promise."

And considering that someone here has sent one girl to the hospital and another girl to psychiatric care... Nancy thought. Let's just hope, for Izzy's sake, that Leela isn't the Black Cat.


Anonymous said...

Very hilarious as always. :) I agree that Nancy should never introduce Izzy to her boyfriend, Ned. That would totally be a disaster if she did. Hahaha, Nancy already forgot her undercover name. XD
- K.C.

Hannie said...

Nancy's an idiot. LOL Anyways, Michael, you're such a great writer!! :D