Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Trip to Chicago

I should probably write about my trip to Chicago, which I took from April 29 through May 4.  I guess the problem is that I really didn't do anything extremely exciting during the vacation.  In fact, I didn't do much at all, besides relax, read five books and watch the playoffs.

Other people believe that, on a vacation, you always need to be going somewhere and doing something.  I used my vacation for relaxation, which involves not going places and doing things.  The closest I came to actual work was drawing pictures.

I tried to catch up on sleep, but my body was stuck in two time zones.  I woke up in one time zone and fell sleep in the other.  I probably got less sleep than I would have if I had just stayed at home and slept all day.

Three of the days, relatives stopped by.  One day was a large lunch with everyone.  Another day, Aunt Gail, Grandma and I went down to Peoria to see the Cathedral and Archbishop Sheen Museum.  And a third day, the Craddocks came by, and they took me out bowling.  After that, we had pizza and went to the Moose Club, and they commented that the night sounded like something you'd see in a sitcom.

I also got to watch Everybody Loves Raymond for the first time.  The show is pretty funny, although it has a tendency to be kind of slow, seeing as the characters pause after every single line, in order to give the audience a chance to laugh.  When you're laughing along with the show, you don't notice this; when you're not laughing, it makes the show harder to watch.


Anonymous said...

there's so much to see in Chicago besides the places you've mentioned. It's a pity you didn't want to explore the city. Is it the first time you've been there? If it is I don't understand you

Anonymous said...

...Moose club?

Sammy said...

We are going to Chicago tomorrow. We have an apartment downtown, right across the street from The Water Tower Place, so we are going to stay there for a few days.

My parents watch Everybody Loves Raymond every night. And since my bedroom is right across the hall from my parents bedroom, I can see the TV from my bed. And yes, I have noticed that their is a lot of pauses when the audience is laughing. The shows are pretty obvious...

Anonymous said...

I agree, vacation is where you should relax, not to be running around everywhere nonstop. And I am wondering why is the club called "Moose Club"??? o.O I hope you had a nice and relaxing stay in Chicago. :D
- K.C. <3