Thursday, May 17, 2012

New Recording Equipment

When my tax refund of $742 came in, I decided to use it to buy some new recording equipment, for recording videogame footage.

1. The first is Fraps, which is a computer recording program that $34 or so.  It records computer games at high quality, and unlike most freeware screen capture programs, there's no time limit.  I can record for two full hours in one sitting, unless, of course, I start to get slowdown from the computer because I'm running high-energy programs for so long, without any breaks.

The downside is that it doesn't recognize certain programs as "real" computer games, so it won't record them.  Also, I need to use an external microphone.  I should get a better one, rather than using my same headset from 2006.

2.  The second, which I haven't tried out yet, is a basic iPad-to-projector cable.  Whatever is on the iPad screen goes through to the other end of the cable.  Let's hope that's true.  I hear some of the iPad projectors are picky about what they decide to project.

3.  The third is some program I can't pronounce, which records console games.  I needed a new one, because my old one doesn't work with Windows 7.  This one apparently is super-powerful, and it's designed for things like PlayStation 3 Super HD, when I'll probably only use it to record Gamecube footage.  That has to mean it's good enough for my needs, right?


Flashman85 said...

You'll have to do a post on how Fraps works out for you. I tried the demo, and couldn't get it to record anything. Also, I'm exceptionally terrible with audio/video software and equipment, so a success story may boost my confidence to try branching out again from the time-tested CamStudio.

Zelda said...

Woah, sudden realization:
Fraps = *FRA*mes *P*er *S*econd ?