Wednesday, May 16, 2012

A Nancy Drew Email

Nancy Drew fans might be interested in the Youtube email I just got recently, about my blind video playthrough for Nancy Drew: Tomb of the Lost Queen.

Thanks for uploading your play through, I'm the voice of Dylan Carter but I've never seen the game in action, nor did I get to hear how the lines all came together.

Now... I have.

Cheers and all the best!

- Gabriel
Pretty cool, huh? I should apologize for relentlessly making fun of his character. Well, all the characters, really. They all made the top of my suspect list at one point or another.


Anonymous said...

Wow, that's awesome! I've always wondered if the voice actors get a free copy of the game or something...and if they play it through! Haha, I bet Gabriel enjoyed your banter throughout the playthrough.

Marlene said...

Wow, this is too cool! Don't apologize for poking fun at his character, Michael. From the sound of Gabriel's outtakes at the end, he doesn't take himself too seriously. And your banter about all the characters was too funny! You're a natural at spontaneously coming up with funny things to say. :D

Zelda said...

On a related note, when Her Interactive posted on Facebook about Rachel (the fan who recently died), the voice actor for Rentaro commented. I don't remember exactly what he said, but it was really sweet.

We have a great community as sassy detectives! <3

Anonymous said...

Wow! the voice actor for dylan carter watches your nancy drew walkthroughs. or at least the blind one of tomb of the lost queen. you should be happy

Anime Girl said...

Holly cow! That's amazing, Michael! I don't think you should apologize, I mean, you made fun of the other characters, so that kinda balances it out! :D

Oh, by the way, can you PLEASEEE do a walkthrough for Silent Hill 4: The Room. Please~?

Anonymous said...

That's awesome! I think Dylan deserved it though. He was SO suspicious.

Kelly said...

That's so cool! :) I wonder if any of the other actors have seen your other walkthroughs, that would be pretty amazing as well :)

Emma said...

SO awesome! His voice acting was great.

Anonymous said...

WOW ... that is totally amazing!!!! :) I bet he just loved your video walkthrough. <3
- K.C.

Sanni said...

Wow... I mean WOW. I can already tell that this guy is very nice!
If he watched the whole blind playthrough, i bet he laughed his ass of because of you.
Not because you suck, ('cause you don't...) but because you are so damn funny.

Anonymous said...

Whoa!!! Holy cow!!! That is so cool!

@Zelda: That is really sweet. I think that's just one more thing that makes the Nancy Drew games more wonderful and different than any other game series out there. :D

Sinthu said...

I actually fell in love with Dylan Carter's voice when I watched the blind playthrough of Tomb of the Lost Queen. I checked out his name in the credits and he is Gabriel Wolf. I went and googled him and found out that he is a professional voice over artist, singer and actor. You can check out his website at

Gabriel Wolf said...

Couldn't help myself at leaving words with Michael as I really did have a chuckle at his comments throughout. As for all the wonderful words as to my performance... I can only say thank you to you all, it's a big boost!

I have yet to receive a copy of the game, but I was informed I was to get one. If I don't, well it's not so bad because of people like Michael. :D

Much respect and n'stuff!

- Gabriel