Friday, April 6, 2012

Youtube Partnership?

For today's Friday news, I have an update on the Youtube Partner situation.  You might remember that Youtube rejected my application two years ago, and once before that, although I didn't blog about it.

People have been telling me for years that I should become a Youtube Partner.  I'm not sure what a Youtube Partner is, but apparently it involves getting a logo on your page.  And they give you a digital thumbs-up or something like that.

In any case, I decided to try for the Youtube Partner thing again, because "apply once every two years" is the arbitrary standard I chose.  It seems the Youtube Partner Program has changed again, and now you have to submit certain videos for partnership, rather than getting a blanket partnership for all your videos.  I guess too many people abused the blanket partnership.

I decided to take things slow, by submitting the videos for my first-ever video walkthrough, Nancy Drew: Legend of the Crystal Skull.  That way, even if the videos were all rejected and deleted by Youtube, I would still have a different video walkthrough for that game, and no one would have to worry.

I'm not sure what criterea Youtube is using.  It accepted eight of the videos as partnerable, and it rejected nine of the videos as "unable to ever be made partner videos" (i.e. there's no chance for me to resubmit them).  I guess that makes me...a half partner?  Kind of.  I'm not sure, but in any case, that's the latest news on me getting a Youtube partnership.


Emily said...

A Youtube partnership basically means you get to monitor your videos more accurately. If a certain number of people watch your videos then you can be given the option of putting ads on them and make money every time someone watches them. That's probably why some of your videos made partner status and some didn't.
Here's the link to the partner benefits page in case you want to look at it in more detail.

Zelda said...

I'm pretty sure you can have your videos released on a schedule, so you can upload a bunch of videos, go on vacation, and have those videos come out on a schedule.

I don't know much about partnership, though, since there's a very *very* slim chance I'll ever become one xD

Anonymous said...

its clear that youre getting more popular, so why dont make you a yt partner

Hannie said...

Why won't YouTube accept you?! You're super awesome, Michael! SO WHYYYYY?!!!???!! (Something must be MENTALLY wrong with YouTube, 'cause YOU. ARE. JUST. TOTALLY. AWESOME!!!)I love you, Michael! ^_^

Anonymous said...

I like your first walkthrough of Nancy Drew games. It was pretty funny to me

Anonymous said...

Youtube is strange like that... and you'd think they'd be more thorough or clear on what was going on seeing how it's one of the most popular websites used for google apart from google itself. Anyway, being a partner basically means you can do more with your account and you can get some money from the ads that appear on your video... so if you're getting 3 cents per view and 10 000 people watched it, you just earned 300 dollars. It might be a good way to get some extra dough :).