Monday, April 30, 2012

WWA, Chapter 30

Here's Chapter 30 of Weirdness at Waverly Academy. Today, Nancy gets the menu for the Victorian Dining puzzle.


Nancy flipped through the book on Victorian dining. It had a section on the various types of silverware.

Didn't I see a display case here with a bunch of forks and knives? Nancy thought as she flipped a few pages. A student ID belonging to an Amber Sullivan fell out of the book. Nancy pocketed the ID card as she headed downstairs, looking for the display case.

The display case was near the doors to the library. It was locked, and half of the display was missing. A sign which read "checked out to L. Yadav" was in the place of the missing display.

So Nancy returned to the rec room, where Leela Yadav was busy playing with a soccer ball. "Hey!" Nancy said.

"Becca, hi," Leela said. "What's up?"

"Not much," Nancy said. "I'm just wandering around, getting a sense of where everything is."

"That's cool," Leela said. "Have you checked out any of the other buildings on campus?"

"Not really," Nancy said. "I tried to leave Ramsey Hall earlier, but when I got too far away, I ended up running into an invisible wall. It was kind of weird. So I decided to go back here and check out the display cases instead. I notice you took something from one of them?"

Poor Leela looked a little confused at Nancy's invisible wall comment, but she eventually shrugged. "Yeah, I borrowed an old menu," Leela said. "I needed it for this lame nutrition paper I had to write. I keep forgetting to put it back."

"Can I see it?" Nancy asked.

"Sure," Leela said. "As a matter of fact, I've got it right here. But before I give it to you, you have to beat me at a game."

"What, again?" Nancy asked.

Leela nodded. "What'll it be, air hockey or scram?"

Nancy wasn't sure what scram was. "Scram" was the word she usually used whenever someone tried to force her to do chores for them, but it didn't seem appropriate in this situation. So she picked air hockey.

Leela got the first shot. Nancy tried to hit the puck, but she missed it entirely, and the puck went in. On the next shot, Nancy missed the puck again. The puck bounced off the boards and back to Leela's side of the table. Leela shot it in Nancy's goal.

"Two nothing," Leela said. She took another shot, and this time, Nancy managed to hit the puck with her mallet.

"Yay, I hit the puck!" Nancy said.

Then the puck bounced right off Nancy's mallet and into her own goal.

"Darn!" Nancy said.

Leela decided to give Nancy the next shot. Nancy hit the puck into the corner of the board, where it stopped. Nancy jammed her mallet next to the puck, making sure it couldn't get loose.

"Oh no, it's stuck!" she said. "Well, looks like we can't play any more! What a shame!"

"It's not stuck," Leela said. "You can pick it up and—"

"Looks like we can't play any more," Nancy repeated, growling.

"Uh...sure," Leela said. "Let' it a tie, then. Here's that menu you wanted."

Leela gave Nancy the menu.

"Great, thanks," Nancy said.


Anonymous said...

HA!!! I could not possibly tell you how much I'm laughing! I did the exact same thing, getting the puck stuck in the corner! Only I had no such luck in making Leela hand over the menu.... :D :D :D

Well, keep up the good work! And I'm really looking forward to a whole week of this story!
Thanks so much, Michael. :)

Hannie said...

You're awesome, Michael! I'm your #1 fan!!! *Waves "I LOVE MICHAEL!!!" flag in air* :D

Moriah said...

I like when Nancy goes Darn! lol and the puck getting stuck was funny too!