Sunday, April 29, 2012

WWA, Chapter 29

Here's Chapter 29 of Weirdness at Waverly Academy. Today, Nancy gets Rachel's math notebook.


There was only one more thing that Nancy had to talk to Mel Corbalis about.

"I need to get Rachel's math notebook from you," Nancy said.

"Sure," Mel said. "Soon as I remember where I put it." Mel thought for a moment. "Nuts, I left it in the library."

"That's okay," Nancy said. "I can go get it."

"Why do you want her math notebook?" Mel asked. "You haven't even started taking classes yet."

"" Nancy said, trying to think of a good excuse.

" collecting notebooks?" Nancy guessed.

Mel used her valedictorian-worthy brains to come up with an explanation. "Rachel sent you to get it for her, because she didn't want to talk to me in person," Mel said.

"You're right," Nancy said. "Is she mad at you or something?"

"I don't treat her any differently than I treat anybody else here," Mel said. "In other words, for the most part, I totally ignore her. I don't know what her problem is."

"Maybe she's allergic to cellos," Nancy said.

"I don't think so," Mel said.

"Well, I can ask her when I give her back her notebook," Nancy said. "See ya!"

Nancy waved goodbye to Mel and returned to the school library. The library was rather big, and Nancy had no idea where exactly Rachel's notebook was.

"I'll look it up in the library catalog!" Nancy said. She went to the computer and searched for "Rachel's math notebook", but no results came up.

"Aw..." Nancy said.

Nancy wandered around the library for a while, until she eventually found the lost and found drawer. The drawer was locked with a four digit combination lock. On the bottom of the drawer were some Roman numerals.

"Let's see...that's 2-6-4-1," Nancy said, reading the number. "That can't be the combination to the lock, though, right? No one would be stupid enough to write the combination two inches below the lock. That's the least secure lock system ever."

Nancy tried out the combination 2-6-4-1, and it worked. Inside the drawer were some lawn gnomes and Rachel's math notebook.

"No way," Nancy said. "If only all my mysteries were this easy to solve."

Prize in hand, Nancy went upstairs to Rachel's room and knocked on the door.

"You can come in," Rachel said.

Nancy went inside. As usual, Rachel was on her bed, typing on a computer.

"You've got my math notebook," Rachel said. "Fab. I'll take that."

Nancy gave the notebook to Rachel. "Mel left it in the library," she said. "What do you have against Mel, anyway?"

"Huh?" Rachel asked. "Nothing. Mel's the closest friend I have here."

"But...earlier, you said didn't want to deal with her," Nancy said.

"Oh, no, I said I was too busy to deal with her," Rachel said. "Leaving my room and going down the hall is a major hassle, you know? Anyway, here's the Victorian book."

Rachel thrust the book in Nancy's hands.

"I gotta get back to studying," Rachel said. "See you."

Nancy left the room, suspicious that Rachel had just given her the brush-off. What could Rachel be hiding? Were Rachel and Mel secret best friends or something?


oceanview said...

Mr.Michael "Arlefumph" Gray,
I found your ND videos while I was trying to learn how to play large file adventure games. I'm still lost and confused, especially with all the rotating around. You seem to have vast experience with this subject, so what kind of adv game would you recommend for a beginner? I know how to play Hidden Object games, but the others frustrate me because of all the dialogue, movement, etc. Thanks for your time. I'm an old lady (53), so I'm not computer savvy.

Donita said...

I'm 47, and I started ND with the spooky Blackmoor Manor and I still think it's the most atmospheric absorbing and puzzle-filled, with Crystal Skull a close second. If you prefer adventure to spooky, try Deception Island, Shadow Ranch, or Seven Ships. The only one I really couldn't recommend is Carousel, as I have never managed to defeat the barnacle blaster. (You don't want to know - it's THE most annoying minigame - physically impossible on my computer.) All the rest I have completed in junior mode by cheating often with multiple walkthroughs - no shame. (press ALT and TAB to minimise the game while you look at the cheats.) You must be doing alright to have found Michael. Even when I don't understand the written walkthroughs, just watching Michael talk through a game makes it suddenly pop into focus. He's very informative and direct, and never assumes you know what he's thinking and doing. I do play other games, but some of them are more hidden object than adventure, (for when I have brain fog) like the Mortimer Beckett, Drawn, Fall Trilogy, and Dream Chronicles series. Others might be a bit dark to recommend here. (Hope you don't mind Michael - yes I know; get my own blog!) ;0)

oceanview said...

Terrific information. Thanks for taking the time to write.