Friday, April 20, 2012

WWA, Chapter 28

Here's Chapter 28 of Weirdness at Waverly Academy. Today, Nancy talks with Mel again.


Nancy knocked on Mel's door.

"C'mon in," Mel called.

Nancy walked inside and flinched slightly when she saw all the pink in Mel's room. As usual, Mel was playing the cello instead of studying.

"Becca the new girl, what's going on?" Mel asked.

"Not much," Nancy said. "I was just talking to Rachel and she's...interesting. How well do you know her?"

"Not well," Mel said. "We don't hang out."

"How come?" Nancy asked.

"We have nothing in common," Mel said. "Plus, there's something about her that's a"

"Yeah," Nancy said. "When I talked to her just now, she acted like she had never seen me before. It was weird."

"She's always been a little strange," Mel said. "I'm surprised her forgetfulness hasn't impacted her grades. In fact, when it comes to being valedictorian, it's a mystery how she ever made it this far."

"Mystery?" Nancy asked. "I love mysteries! I've always dreamed about being a detective!"

"That's cool," Mel said. "Maybe you can start by solving the mystery of the Black Cat. Although that's not really a mystery, 'cause it's so obvious it's Izzy."

"Ah, yes, Izzy," Nancy said, rubbing her chin in what she hoped was a detective-like fashion. "Does anyone else think she's the culprit?"

"Megan, my missing roommate?" Mel said. "She thinks it's Izzy, too, although that's because she hates Izzy for stealing her boyfriend."

"Izzy's a boyfriend-stealer?" Nancy gasped. "WHAT? How did she become the most popular girl in school?"

"Beats me," Mel said. "I don't really follow the whole popular scene."

"Ah, but soon, Becca Sawyer is going to catch the Black Cat, and then I'll be the most popular girl in school!" Nancy said. "Everyone will be like, 'Izzy Romero? More like Frizzy Romero!' 'Cause my hair is way awesomer than hers!"

"Uh...sure, Becca," Mel said. "Whatever you say. You know you're starting to sound like your roommate, right?"

"Huh?" Nancy asked. "I sound like Corine?"

"Yeah, you sound like you're obsessed with being popular and fitting in," Mel said. "I know it's your first day here, but just relax. It's not like making friends is a race or anything."

"Uh...right," Nancy said. Her plane back home to River Heights left in five days, when the winter study break ended, but nobody else knew that. "Anyway, I came here because I need to take your picture. It's for a page on the school website that I'm helping with."

"The school wants my picture on its website?" Mel asked. "Groovy. Blast away."

Nancy took out her cell phone, then took a picture of Mel smiling. "Perfect," Nancy said. "I need a photo of your roommate, too. Do you have one?"

"Sure don't," Mel said. "But Leela Yadav might. She and Megan have been palling around a lot downstairs lately. Try checking the rec room."


Philip said...

He he he. Frizzy Romero? Ha! That is an excellent name for our beloved student body president. I'll have to start calling her that...

:D I totally love this Waverly fanfic, Michael. Keep up the good work! :)


I am so enjoying this fanfiction, nice job Michael and I can't wait to read even more!