Sunday, April 1, 2012

Kick the Brick

Back in 2006, I did a lot of research on old 1940's comic strips.  One of them--I think it was Muggs and Skeeter--did an April Fools Day strip about a soccer ball.  The joke was that somebody opened the soccer ball, then put a brick inside.  Then, they sewed the soccer ball back up, so it looked like a normal soccer ball.  Then the person left the soccer ball out in the open, waiting for a unsuspecting victim to come up and try to kick the soccer ball.

It was sort of a complicated and oddly-specific prank, which is why it stuck in my memory.

Recently, I got the 1943-5 collection of Ernie Bushmiller's Nancy comic strip.  And for April 1st, 1944, Sluggo plays the exact same trick on Nancy, except he puts the brick inside a top hat, not a soccer ball.  (She kicks the brick, and it goes flying in the air, landing on Sluggo's head.)

I figured it wasn't a coincidence that two different comic strips used the same, oddly-specific prank, so I decided to search the Internet.  It turns out that hiding a brick under a hat was a rather common April Fools Day prank.

I'm surprised, to be honest.  That seems like a rather cruel and extremely painful trick to play on someone.  And it doesn't seem like it would be very successful, unless the person you're pranking has a habit of kicking random hats on the street.


Hannie said...

Oh! I love that prank!! That's genius!!

Anonymous said...

haha professor layton wouldn't like that trick

Anonymous said...

that's a very old prank and there's nothing specific about it

Moriah said...

Thats a good prank I have to admit , last year on April Fools Day I tricked my older sister Paige saying that I got her a early birthday present that fooled her! She actually believed me for a
minute lol!