Friday, April 13, 2012

Arglefumph Bingo

My friend Paul suggested making a Bingo card for my videos.  That way, people could play Bingo by watching a video and crossing a square off whenever I do something.  Some basic suggestions for Arglefumph Bingo include...

  • Michael sings for a little bit
  • Michael makes up a random voice
  • Michael compliments the main character
  • Michael insults the main character
  • Michael becomes confused
  • Michael goes off-topic for at least twenty seconds

But we'll need eighteen more things in order to get a full bingo card.  Blog readers, what else should go on the Arglefumph Bingo Cards?


Betsy Lightfoot said...

Michael shows a clip from some unrelated video.

Michael says, "Awwwwww . . . "

Anonymous said...

Michael says, "Oh noes!"

Michael says something like, "Lah-dee-dah," or "Doo-doo-doo."

Michael says, "Yaaaay..."

Michael apologizes for talking over the dialogue.

Michael yells.

Michael observes an object in the game, and then comments, "[Object] is good."

Aaaand...that's all I can think of right now.

Marlene said...

-Michael tells a bad joke or a pun.

-Michael screams.

-Michael kills Nancy in the oddest ways and then complains about it. :D

By the way, Michael, this is totally unrelated to the topic onhand, but I was at my favorite church yesterday (Our Lady of Peace Shrine and Church), and I almost screamed while I was there. It was because I saw your picture on their bulletin board! Well, actually, it was a poster that showed all the San Jose seminarians, but your picture was on it. I pointed your picture out to my mom, and told her that he was the guy who did those hilarious Nancy Drew walkthroughs on YouTube (I've shown her your videos, and although she doesn't like computer games, she likes your videos).

I'm glad that you're still at the seminary, Michael, and my mom and I will pray for you and all the seminarians. Nowadays we need priests more than ever, and I'm glad that you're in training to become one.

God bless you, Michael, and by the way - awesome name.

Tiffany said...

Michael doesn't know what he's doing and ends up saying ,"Aaahh" and then clicking around frantically.

I would so play this. Seriously.

Anonymous said...

Michael says something that sounds funny in a different language

Anonymous said...

Michael compares the game he's playing with one from a completely different series.

Michael makes a reference to an old TV show

Michael makes a reference to a popular YouTube video

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

-Michael complains about a puzzle

-Michael insults the game

-Michael compliments the game

-Michael sarcastically compliments the game/main character

-Michael gets interupted by something outside the game

-Michael references a tv show

thats all i can think of right now

Emily said...

Michael says something three times in a row ("good good good" or "definitely definitely definitely")

Michael gets frustrated because the object lock into place when he clicks it.

Michael busts out fun facts about random things completely unrelated to the game.

Michael refers to his audience as the Nancy Drew Clue Crew.

Kate said...

-Michael stops talking for at least five secounds.

-Michael makes a Nancy Drew Refferance (This could be a game, movie, book, ect.)

-Michael gives backround information on the game or characters (simular to what you did in Emerald City Confidental)

That's all I can think of right now, please forgive my bad spelling

Zelda said...

Michael explains a puzzle

Michael questions the plot of a game

A sound other than ones from the game or Michael is heard (Snickers barking or other such things)

Michael laughs

Random question: Can you record your first playthrough of Tomb of the Lost Queen in addition to your walkthrough? I think it's fun to watch other people play a new game and figure things out. Your walkthroughs are really fun, too, but it would be interesting to see you getting lost or wondering what to do next or accidentally dying. :D

Anonymous said...

Micheal sings "Swanee River"

Micheal has computer/microphone problems

Micheal speaks in a weird accent (i.e. the Donal Delaney accent from The Haunting of Castle Malloy, cowboy accent, ect.)

Micheal makes fun of/imitates supporting or main character


Emily M said...

A space every time Michael is hyper

A space every time Michael interprets a character creatively (ie Nancy wanting to marry Jake Rogers, Mattie wanting every shade of lipstick, etc)

A space every time Michael gets a character's name wrong

A space for every time Michael has to do a chore in a game

Anonymous said...

-Michael has 'technical difficulties.'

-Michael starts crying over something

-Michael laughs

-Michael tries to match make.

I love you, Michael! I would LOVE a bingo card!

AkuaBunny said...

Everytime Michael tries to imatate a character.

Pyro said...

Michael makes a loud noise.

Balin said...

Michael says "Sorry about that, guys" or a variant.

Michael talks about seminary.

Michael makes a (bad) pun.

I'd add more, but I have a show to catch.

Anonymous said...

michael makes a latin reference

Hannie said...

Michael reads some of his follower's blogs. (XD Black Butler: Contract?)

Michael starts crying for no reason.

Michael makes a funny noise for 30 seconds.

Michael starts singing a silly song.


Justice said...

How about:

'Michael screams so loud your eardrums will never be the same.'

Oh, wait - that only happened once, and nearly everyone knows where to find it. XD Anyroad, I love these other suggestions; I would have so much fun playing "Arglefumph Bingo".

Anonymous said...

~Michael talks about how he should be Nancy's boyfriend.
~Michael makes references to his other walkthroughs.

Marlene said...

I created an Arglefumph bingo card last night to accompany me while I watch his walkthrough of "The Captive Curse." I'm about four parts in and Michael has already:

-called us the Nancy Drew Clue Crew
-killed Nancy and them complained about how it happened
-sung a little song, said "do do do do do" and hummed
-become confused
-made a bad pun

Oh, Michael, we love you so much. :D Now all I need is for you to scream or yell, and then I have four in a row! This is fun. There are no ways to describe your awesomeness.

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