Tuesday, March 6, 2012

WWA, Chapter Nineteen

Here's Chapter Nineteen of my story about Nancy Drew: Warnings at Waverly Academy.  Today, Nancy gets the special collections cabinet key from Corine.


Nancy went back to her room to drop off the piece of paper that Rachel gave her. Corine was still inside the room, working on her English essay.

"Hey," Nancy said.

"Hey, Roomy," Corine said. "How come I couldn't find anything about you online, like on Facebook?"

"You...looked me up online?" Nancy said.

"Well, sure," Corine said. "It's the 21st century. Once you meet someone, the first thing you do is look them up online. Anyone who doesn't have a Facebook account has either a) been living on Mars, or b) is seriously weird. And since it doesn't look like either of those applies to you, what gives?"

"Oh, um..." Nancy said. Once again, she was in a tricky situation where her cover might be blown. It was time to turn things around with another trademark Becca Sawyer sassy comment!

"Facebook? More like waste-book!" Nancy said. "I mean, it's not even a book, am I right?"

"Uh..." Corine said.

"Look, I just flew in today from France," Nancy said. "Over there, they call Facebook...um...Fâcéboòk. Once my laptop comes in, I'll set up an account on the US version."

"That makes sense," Corine said, nodding.

"Actually..." Nancy said, getting an idea. She took out the blue piece of paper from Rachel and gave it to Corine. "Do all these girls have Facebook accounts?"

Corine read the list. "I think so," she said. "I sent friend requests to most of them."

"Great," Nancy said. "I need pictures of all of them for Rachel's project. Can you get their profile pics for me?"

"Sorry," Corine said. "None of them have added me yet. It's probably because they're really busy with studying."

Uh...sure...that's why no one has friended you on Facebook, Nancy thought. They're "busy".

"Then I guess I'll have to take pictures of them with my phone," Nancy said, taking out her cell phone. "I'll start with you, okay? Smile!"

Corine smiled for the camera, and put her arm out in a pose. Nancy took the picture.

"Perfect," Nancy said. "Just one more thing. I noticed you're the assistant librarian here. Any chance you could help me get a book from the Special Collections cabinet?"

"Sure, I have the key right here," Corine said. "How bad do you want it?"

"Uh...pretty bad," Nancy said. "I really need that key."

"Okay, tell you what," Corine said. "You finish some orthographic views for me, and I'll give you the key."

"Ortho-what?" Nancy asked.

Corine handed Nancy a folder. "Orthographic views," she said. "You need to match the different perspectives to the different pictures. There's a sample page in there for you to get started."

Nancy looked at the pages. They looked like a three-dimensional puzzle.

"Ah, come on, you're making me do your homework?" Nancy said. "Can't you just give me the key? We're roommates! We're supposed to be friends!"

"No orthographic views, no key," Corine said, smiling sadistically. "I'm the only librarian on campus this week, so you don't have a choice."

"If you give me the key right now, I'll friend you on Facebook..." Nancy said.

Corine quickly ripped the folder out of Nancy's hands and replaced it with a key.

"Here you go, Roomy!" Corine said.

Nancy smiled.


Anonymous said...

Awesome! You changed Y-book to Facebook!!

Moriah said...

Lol that was funny! I love the stories you tell!


Christi said...

Bwahaha! I wish that happened! Oh, I wish that happened in real life, where all it would take is a friend request to get someone to do something...

Philip said...

Awesome!!! I love how Corine is so addicted to Facebook; something that's getting really common, I'm afraid. :D


Oh bribing Corrine, nice one Nancy! I like that! Great job on this chapter Michael! I can't wait to see what happens next!