Monday, March 5, 2012

WWA, Chapter Eighteen

Here's Chapter Eighteen of my story about Nancy Drew: Warnings at Waverly Academy.  Today, Nancy talks with Paige, the floor monitor. One of the people who commented on the story pointed out that Her Interactive reused George's character model for Paige; I thought it'd be fun if Nancy figured this out.


Nancy now had a job to do: get pictures of all the valedictorian candidates. That would be the perfect cover for secretly investigating them.

One of these girls is sabotaging the others... Nancy thought. One girl was sent to the hospital, and one girl was sent to the psych ward. I have to stop the Black Cat before anyone else gets...scratched out.

Nancy immediately turned to the right and knocked on the door of the floor monitor, Paige Griffen.

"Go away, please," Paige said angrily.

"Hey, Paige! It's me, Becca!" Nancy said.

"I don't want to talk right now," Paige said angrily.

"That's great," Nancy said. "Look, can I come in?"

"Leave me alone," Paige said angrily.

"See, I kinda need to take your picture, and—"

The door to Paige's room opened, and Paige stepped out. "Can't you take a hint?" she asked. "Leave me alone!"

"Oh, wow!" Nancy said. In this lighting, Nancy could see Paige's face perfectly. She looked just like Nancy's friend, George Fayne, only with longer hair.

"Bother me again, and you'll get demerits!" Paige said.

"Okay, say CHEESE!" Nancy said. She took out her cell phone and took a picture of Paige.

"Augh!" Paige said.

"Great!" Nancy said. "That's all I need from you right now. Say, do you know a George—"

*Slam* went Paige's door.

"Hmmph," Nancy said. "That was kind of rude."

Nancy sent the picture to George's cell phone, adding the words This is Paige, the floor monitor at Waverly. Look familiar?


Miss. Cellaneous said...

Wait- when do you see Paige? I can't remember seeing Paige ANY of the like five times I've played this game

Moriah said...

Lol that was funny , you know what? one of my sisters names is

- Moriah

Philip said...

Awesome! I can't wait to see where this particular storyline goes... :D :D :D

@Miss. Cellaneous, you can't talk to Paige proper, but you can get caught by her at night, resulting in a face to face confrontation, so to speak.:D

Miss. Cellaneous said...

Oh. Thought so. I've been caught (and expelled!) lots of times, but I see no resemblence to George, really....


That is funny, Nancy claimed Paige was rude and yet she snaps the picture right in Paige's face! Yikes! I can't stand that! I always turn the flash off on my camera if possible so it doesn't blind anyone but there of course times when the flash makes the picture brighter.

Philip said...

@Miss Cellaneous, you kind of have to monkey around with the contrast on a screenshot, to see it. And FYI, it's George's old "Ransom" face, rather than her current one. :D