Saturday, March 31, 2012

WWA, Chapter 25

Here's Chapter 25 of Weirdness at Waverly Academy. Today, Nancy gets a phone call from her boyfriend, Ned. This call is automatically triggered after you solve the cornerstone puzzle, if you haven't called Ned yet.


Our hero Nancy just found Rita Hallowell's journal, which was filled with obscure clues on how to find some kind of treasure. Nancy had no idea what the treasure was, but hopefully it would be worth the effort.

"I have a feeling that finding this is going to be difficult," Nancy said. "But it's a lucky thing no one besides me has solved the cornerstone puzzle in the past 150 years! That means I'm the only one who knows about the existence of this journal!"

Nancy headed back inside the school, when her cell phone rang. Caller ID said it was her boyfriend, Ned Nickerson. Nancy decided to take the call.

"Ned, hi!" Nancy said.

"Hey, Nance," Ned said. "I hadn't heard from you in a while, so I thought I'd call. Did you get to New York okay?"

"Yeah, the flight was fine," Nancy said. "I arrived here at Waverly Academy about an hour ago, and since then, I've just been exploring the area and meeting everyone."

"So how's the case going?" Ned asked.

"Great!" Nancy said. "All the girls here seem really smart, and they all like me! Becca Sawyer is going to be the most popular girl in school!"

"Becca Sawyer?" Ned asked. "Who's Becca—oh, right, that's the fake name you're using."

"Fake name?" Nancy asked. "Becca is more than just a fake name! She has her own personality and backstory! She's spent the last seven years in France, where she lived in a moulin, learned martial arts and fought villains in masks!"


"I even darkened my hair so it looks more like Minette's," Nancy said, referring to her adventures in Paris. "Now it's more vibrant than ever! Becca's hair is so good that Heather McKay offered her a modeling job!"

"Nancy, are you sure you're not taking this undercover thing a little too far?" Ned asked. "I mean, whenever you're acting, you have a tendency to go...overboard."

"What?" Nancy said. "I do not!"

"Remember when you were in that Shakespeare play last semester?" Ned asked. "For five weeks, you spoke nothing but Victorian English. I had no idea what you were saying half the time."

"I was getting into character!" Nancy said.

"It still made our dates kind of awkward," Ned said. "So just...don't worry too much about your cover persona. Try to focus on the mystery."

"I'll be fine, Ned," Nancy said. "But it's really sweet of you to be worried about me."

"Worrying about you is what I do best," Ned said. "Speaking of, you're not in any danger from this saboteur, are you?"

"Nope," Nancy said. "She only attacks valedictorian students, and I'm not a valedictorian because I just transferred here. So I should be totally safe for once."

"Good," Ned said, in a relieved voice.

"Yeah, the most dangerous thing I've done so far is play air hockey," Nancy said. "This mystery is going to be a walk in the park."


Moriah said...

I love Nancy & Ned they're such a cute couple! They both do good on making jokes to one another!


Anonymous said...

Isn't it weird that it's chapter 25 and Nancy's been there only for an hour?

Anonymous said...

That chapter was so funny!!

Anonymous said...

Did you see the cover fo the next ND game!?! It looks awesome and so do the characters!!! Professor Hotchkiss is back!!

Hannie said...

Nancy, just face the truth. YOU DO GO OVER BOARD WHEN YOU ARE UNDER COVER!!! There. Anyways! Michael, you did a great job!! ^_^


Oh Nancy, you are something else! I loved it!

I can't wait for chapter 26 now! I know it's going to be a real treat!

Keep up the great work!