Tuesday, March 27, 2012

WWA, Chapter 24

Here's Chapter 24 of Weirdness at Waverly Academy.


Nancy's phone beeped, with a text message that said Goth girl gets 2nd bc'd.

"The Goth girl got a second Black Cat note?" Nancy asked. "I'm guessing that's Mel, the girl with unhelpful ancestors."

Nancy just went through all the trouble of following the trail of clues left by Mel's great-great grandmother. The trail led to a picture of all four of Waverly Academy's founders, standing by a cornerstone plaque.

Nancy sighed. "It's not much of a lead, but I guess I'll follow it," Nancy said. She left the library and the building, going to the cornerstone. As you might expect, this stone was on the corner of Ramsey Hall. The cornerstone was basically a plaque which had the date of Waverly's founding, along with the names of the founders.

"Hey, this thing is kind of cool," Nancy said, tapping it.

Suddenly, one of the cornerstone pieces fell off.

"Augh!" Nancy said. She picked up the fallen piece and tried to jam it into place, but that only caused another piece to fall off.

"AUGH!" Nancy cried. "I gotta fix this, before I get suspended!"

Nancy scrambled with the four fallen pieces of the plaque, trying to jam them together in the square-shaped hole. Eventually, she got it right.

"Hooray!" Nancy said.

The amazing technology built into the plaque from 1866 registered the fact that someone put the four pieces into place, for the first time in over a hundred years. This caused the front of the cornerstone to slowly slide down, revealing a hidden treasure inside.

"Double hooray!" Nancy said.

Then, a white squirrel appeared and jumped into the cornerstone. It picked up a shiny gold thing, then ran off.

"Not hooray!" Nancy said. "You get back here, you crazy squirrel!"

It was too late, however. The squirrel took the shiny gold thing up to its nest at the very top of the large oak tree.

"That evil, evil squirrel!" Nancy said. "I bet he's the Black Cat!"

Nancy reached into the still-open cornerstone and pulled out the only thing left inside: an old journal. It reminded Nancy of Trapper Dan's journal from White Wolf of Icicle Creek, or Josiah Crowley's journal from Secret of the Old Clock, or even Bruno Bolet's journal from Legend of the Crystal Skull.

"Why do I find so many journals?" Nancy wondered. Either way, she knew what to do by now. Just follow all the clues in the journal, until she found the hidden treasure. No problem.

Rita Hallowell was written on the cover of the journal. Rita was one of the founders of Waverly Academy. She was the one who worked as a nurse for Edgar Allen Poe, shortly before he died. She was also the one who was rumored to have gone crazy, which led to the story of the Black Cat that Izzy told in Chapter Fifteen.

"Okay, let's hope that Rita was really a smart person, not a crazy person," Nancy said, opening the journal. "Otherwise, this journal will be almost impossible to decode."

The first page of the journal talked about how to calm Rita's cat down, by playing the music on the lamps. The second page had something to do with a raven (or was it a crow?). The third page talked about a celebratory dinner, made up of nine courses, eaten with perfect etiquette. The final page said something about a group to protect the treasure behind the Dupin gate. This came with a picture of Other Poe Stories.

"...Yep, she went crazy," Nancy said. "Oh, boy. Lucky me."


sarah said...

Lol! She acts exactly like me! I love it! =D

Moriah said...

Lol that was a funny story Micheal!


Hannie said...

I love your work, Michael!! (:

Anonymous said...

I love the part about 1866 technology :P I always wonder how the heck certain things in the Nancy Drew games were engineered... the Ghosts that you have to collect in Blackmoor Manor, for example--how did the computer know that the ghosts were collected? made me crack up! :)


Nancy! You should be extremely careful, that squirrel could be a spy for Paige! Just kidding! I love the chapters so far though!