Saturday, March 10, 2012

WWA, Chapter 23

Here's Chapter 23 of Weirdness at Waverly Academy. Today, Nancy checks her notebook and reads The Book of Four.


"Okay," Nancy said. "I've met everyone who lives in the dorm here. Let's see if I can solve the mystery now."

Nancy pulled out her notebook, and read the crime dossier.

Waverly Academy—Sabotage

One of the valedictorian candidates at Waverly Academy is attacking the other candidates. She is disguising her identity under the name of "The Black Cat", and she sends notes before attacking her victims. Two girls have been sent home so far.

Possible Motives

1. The Black Cat is hoping to find Dirk Valentine's long-lost treasure, by following the clues left at Shadow Ranch.
2. She wants Bruno Bolet's crystal skull, because she thinks it will help her live forever.
3. She wants to improve her reputation, so she's taking the last train to Blue Moon Canyon so she can find letters written by Abraham Lincoln.
4. She wants to find Marie Antoinette's treasure in the royal tower, so she can sell it.
5. She's not really haunting Castle Malloy; she is just very, very confused right now. Also, she has a jetpack.

Some of those motives sounded oddly familiar to Nancy, but she shrugged it off. The Black Cat was looking for revenge or a hidden treasure. That was the important thing. The other important things were listed on...

The To-Do List

1. Work at the Snack Shack
2. Get pictures of all the valedictorian candidates (only Corine and Leela so far)
3. Read The Book of Four

"I should probably start working on the last two items," Nancy said. "You know, because I'm at the library and all."

Nancy opened the door to the library and ran inside. She pulled out her cell phone, then ran to the cubicle that Izzy Romero was working at.

"Izzy, say cheese!" Nancy said.

Izzy turned to look at Nancy. "What are you—?" she began to say.

*CLICK* went Nancy's cell phone.

"Awesome, thanks!" Nancy said, running away from Izzy and going to the Special Collections Cabinet.

"Weirdo!" Izzy shouted. Nancy paused for a moment, to wonder who Izzy could possibly be talking to, then shrugged. She opened the Special Collections Cabinet with the key from Corine, she picked up The Book of Four and read it.

Okay, well, Nancy didn't really read the book. She just flipped open to the two pages with pictures on them. One was a picture of all four of Waverly's founders, by the cornerstone of the building.

...And that was basically the only interesting thing Nancy could find in the book.

"I went through all that trouble, just to see an old picture?" Nancy asked. "What a rip-off!"


Anonymous said...

Haha. These get funnier every time!

Anonymous said...

LOL! so funny! i ♥ u arglefumph! ♥♥♥ ~ Isabelle


Poor Nancy, her comments remind of what I am thinking sometimes when I play the game!