Friday, March 9, 2012

WWA, Chapter 22

Here's Chapter 22 of Weirdness at Waverly Academy. Today, Nancy plays air hockey with Leela and fails horribly at it.


Leela handed the list of names back to Nancy. "It looks like you need my picture," she said.

"Yeah," Nancy said, taking out her cell phone. "Can I get one now?"

"Of course," Leela said. "If you beat me at a game of air hockey, that is."

"Air hockey?" Nancy asked.

"Playing the games in here keeps my reflexes sharp," Leela said. "People think I'm just saying that, but it's true. So come on, let's play!"

"Sure!" Nancy said. "Becca Sawyer never backs down from a challenge!"

The friendly game of air hockey started out well enough. Leela hit the puck towards Nancy. Nancy tried to hit the puck with her mallet, but she accidentally let go of the mallet, and it slid to the other side of the table.

While Nancy went to retrieve it, the puck slowly slid into the goal.

On the next turn, Nancy hit the puck in the wrong direction and scored on her own net. Same with the next two turns. Leela scored on the next two shots.

"I don't like this game!" Nancy said.

"Try to block my shots," Leela suggested.

"That's what I'm trying to do!" Nancy said, hitting the puck into her own goal again. "ARGH! Stupid thing!"

"Relax. It's just a game," Leela said.

"Game? More like lame!" Nancy said. "This is why we don't have air hockey in France! Take...that!"

Nancy tried to smash the puck with her mallet. She lost her grip, and both the puck and mallet went flying. The mallet flew through the air, right at Leela's head. Leela ducked in order to avoid it. The puck, of course, flew right into Nancy's goal.

"Stupid [bad word] game!" Nancy shouted. "I [bad word] hate it!"

"Becca, chill out!" Leela said.

"Whoops," Nancy said. "Pardon my French. Heh heh..."

"Let's...let's not play any more air hockey for a while, okay?" Leela said. "You can take my picture now, if you want."

"Great," Nancy said. She pulled out her cell phone and took a picture of Leela. "Thanks."

Nancy put her phone away. "Sorry to run out on you," Nancy said, "but I should get this picture uploaded now."

"That's okay. I'm kind of waiting for my boyfriend to call," Leela said. "He goes to Oxborough, the boys school down the road. Talking to you helped kill the time. I'll see ya!"

Nancy waved goodbye, then walked to the library. When she reached her destination, she got another text message that was sent out to all the students.

Confirmed. New girl Becca S. is totally a spaz. She threw a fit in the downstairs longue just now when she lost a game.

"Wow, this Becca S. girl sounds crazy!" Nancy said. "I must have just missed her at the longue just now. Too bad."


Unknown said...

I love that every attempt Nancy makes to sound clever or cool totally bombs! LOL Keep up the good work!


Nancy Nancy you are so clever but you don't recognize that Leela was talking about your undercover name? I hate when people say "Pardon my French" when they use horrible language, sheesh the French don't say "Pardon my English" when they speak curse words because I would know since I have around French speakers almost all of my life!

Emily J. said...


Emily J. said...


Hannie said...

LOL Nancy cussed. XD

Melanie Atkinson said...

You are the funniest person ever! Rock on! Woo!