Thursday, March 8, 2012

WWA, Chapter 21

Here's Chapter 21 of Weirdness at Waverly Academy. Today, Nancy meets Leela Yadav for the first time.


I'm twenty chapters into this story, and I still haven't met all of the main characters yet? Nancy wondered. Boy, this author needs to start moving the plot forward, pronto!

Eager to get the story going, Nancy sprinted downstairs and went to the longue area, where she met the final character of the game: Leela Yadav. Leela was busy playing with a soccer ball, next to an air hockey table.

"You must be the girl who moved here from France, with just the clothes on her back," Leela said. "Becca something."

"Becca Sawyer," Nancy said. "You must be Leela, the sports superstar."

"That me!" Leela said in a friendly voice. "Welcome to Waverly!"

"Thanks!" Nancy said. "How come you're not working on papers or studying like everyone else here?"

"I'm working on two papers, actually," Leela said. "But they're both under control, so I'm taking a break."

"I hear you," Nancy said. "I need a break myself. I've been working really hard on my investigation, and—"

Leela looked confused. "Investigation?" she asked.

Uh oh, Nancy thought. Once again, she had forgotten that she was working undercover, so she accidentally slipped up. Time to go back into Becca Sawyer mode.

"Is that the wrong word?" Nancy asked. "Sorry, it's been a while since I last spoke English. Rachel asked me to find these girls and get their pictures. In French, we call that investigation. What's the English word?"

Nancy pulled out the list of valedictorian candidates and handed it to Leela.

"I think the word you're looking for is exploration," Leela said. "But no big deal. The two words are close enough, and your English sounds fine to me."

"Thanks," Nancy said. "I grew up as a kid in the United States before we moved to France."

"So..." Leela said, reading the paper. "Rachel's making you work for her? That's too bad."

"Why is it too bad?" Nancy asked.

"Rachel's got this bizarre schizoid thing going," Leela said. "She'll say something one minute, then deny it the next. Or she'll forget something you told her five minutes ago. It's weird. You'll see. In fact, it wouldn't surprise me if she's the Black Cat. You heard about the Black Cat, right?"

"Oh, yeah, I heard," Nancy said. "So Rachel's odd behavior puts her at the top of your suspect list, huh?"

"Suspect list?" Leela asked.

"Uh, I mean, to-do list!" Nancy said. "Sorry, I used the wrong word again."

"Oh, yeah, you're right!" Leela said. She pulled out her to-do list, and made a big check mark next to the top item, which was Provide foreshadowing for Rachel's plotline. Nancy was pleased to see that Leela also checked off the second item, which was Make friends with the sassy new French student.


Miriam said...

Is it just me, or does Frosty from Trail of the Twister look like a bald version of Leela?

Anonymous said...

Haha great job! I love how you explain the plot holes that HER just seems to ignore.

Philip said...

I couldn't agree anymore with Anonymous above me. :D

Philip said...

Also, I love how you made Leela have a To Do list, just like Nancy! If you apply the interface things (which seem totally normal) to the regular suspects, it equals sheer, total, pure awesomeness. :D


Oh Nancy, you almost blew your cover! Be careful or Leela will get suspicious!

Anonymous said...

why is nancy always so meant o corine? nancy keeps messing up and people think she is cool?