Sunday, March 11, 2012

Update from Oregon

Hey, everyone. I'm back from my retreat up in Oregon this week. I hope you enjoyed the Nancy Drew stories this week, while I was gone. By complete coincidence, next week is going to be the exact same thing: nothing but stories.

I brought my swimsuit along with me to Oregon--there's a swimming pond in the place where I stayed--and it ended up snowing. Snow. It never snows where I live in California, so I didn't know what to do. The snow was wet and cold, and I couldn't swim because the pond froze over.  I didn't want to take the risk of driving into town--I think you need special snow wheels for that--so I stayed inside.

On a positive note, I now know where the name snow cones comes from.  The shaved ice kind of resembles snow!  I guess that should be obvious, but I never saw snow which looked like snow cones before.

There were some deer who came to the property, in order to eat from the bird feeders.  They can't fit their mouths inside the feeders, but they eat up the spilled birdseed which is left on the feeders.  One deer started smacking the bird feeder with its head, trying to get it to spill more seeds.  I didn't know deer did things like that.


Miriam said...

They need a deer scare thingy, like in Shadow at the Water's Edge, haha. :)

Moriah said...

Lol I didn't know deer could do that either!


Justice said...

"The snow was wet and cold"...Michael, what else would snow be? Hot and dry? :D I know, if I lived in a place that doesn't get it and then went somewhere that did, it would be weird to me too...but that sentence still amuses me.:) They must be getting a good winter up there -- where I live we didn't get much of anything this year.

I can just picture the deer trying to get at the bird seed! That must've been pretty entertaining to watch.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, deer can get a little destructive when they're hungry. I'm from Michigan, and we have a serious overpopulation problem with our deer. There's an island across from my town where the deer used to go during the summer to eat the wild strawberries that grow in a lot of the backyards there. The river between the mainland and the lake used to freeze so the deer could walk across in the winter to go find more food, but because the river is so polluted now it never freezes and the deer are trapped on the island. They get into bird feeders, garbage cans, you name it when they get hungry and can cause a lot of property damage. A whole section of the river police has been charged with the task of putting the deer on boats and taking them to the farmland south of my town so they can run around and eat without causing issues for people.