Thursday, March 22, 2012

Fast Food News

The news I saw this week was that the finance reports for 2011 are in.  McDonald's 34.2 billion dollars, while Burger King made 8.4 billion and Wendy's made 8.5.  This means Wendy's is now the second-biggest burger chain in the world.
Burger King, what happened?

The report said that Burger King has recently undergone a company-wide renovation, after a new company purchased it in 2010.  The changes they made include getting rid of the creepy King mascot, new chicken tenders and new fries, unless I'm mistaken.  So, either these new changes aren't doing so well, or Wendy's is having a really great year.

I'm surprised I haven't heard about the King being retired.  Everyone I know hates the creepy King mascot.  You'd think the news would have been all over Facebook.

Subway and Starbucks were #2 and #3 on the fast food places with the highest profits list, coming in after McDonald's but before Wendy's.  So, I guess that means people prefer to eat at places that start with the letter "S".


Flashman85 said...

I'm excited for Wendy's! I like fast food in general a little more than I should, but Wendy's (and Arby's) has always been my favorite.

While Burger King might have been wise to ditch their creepy mascot, I understand they threw out the whole ad agency they'd hired. Since then, Burger King has totally fallen off my radar. They used to be quirky, with fun quotes on their soda machines and packaging, and commercials that--even if they were creepy--kept the brand cemented in your mind. Now they're focusing on the quality of the food, and I as a consumer can tell you that I don't care so much about quality with fast food as I do about variety and novelty. If I want a restaurant-quality burger, I go to a restaurant. If I want something that tastes like McDonald's, I go to McDonald's.

Wendy's succeeded in making their food look good, not just good quality. They rolled out a whole line of new burgers--who cares whether they use fresher ingredients; they're new! The mystery was too much to resist.

So, from where I'm sitting, at least, it looks like Wendy's tried something new and succeeded at a time when Burger King was regrouping and figuring out a new direction. Yay Wendy's.

Kira said...

While our Burger King looks a bit like a ghost of a restaurant, the ones in Canada are FLOURISHING. :O Unbelievable.

Go Subway!

Flashman85 said...

Incidentally, I just had a dream last night where you wrote a new post featuring my comment, saying you couldn't determine whether I was in favor of or against the topic, and asked your readers to discuss. And for a moment this morning, I wasn't actually sure whether that was real or not. Sheesh...

Michael Gray said...

Do you want that to be real? I can make it happen!

Flashman85 said...

Michael: Totally not necessary, but thanks. I mean, unless you're REALLY bored. ;)

Moriah said...

Wow when our class was coming back to school from a feild trip we got to order lunch at Wendy's/Arby's so I chose Wendy's for lunch i haven't had their food in a while,til today it was good!

Nice job Wendys for still making us happy to eat at!


Joanna said...

Obviously, Subway, StarbuckS, Wendy'S, McDonald'S are all winnning because they have an S in their name. My Burger King in our town is ultra slow.
Also, they don't have Frosty's! :D
We also got a new Starbucks in town as well, and it always has a long line at the drive-thru. We have nothing in this cruddy town, so we get excited about fast food restuarants. Wendy's is pretty great, and Arby's has curly fries.

Nobody cares about Jack-in-the-Box, and Taco Bell. (We have all the fast food stores, now that I think of it.)

I am rooting for Wendy's. We need Change. (: